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WOTC Shared Ikoria Standard Meta Game Report

Wizards of the Coast released a metagame breakdown of standard on tuesday, penned by Frank Karsten. The numbers indicated some interesting trends in the meta game as well as how the new set is impacting standard.

Take a look below: Key Take Aways:

  • Jeskai Fires is the deck to beat: Showing a strong conversion rate into day 2 as well maintaining the highest meta game share.

  • Companions are everywhere: of all 26 represented archetypes, 18 of them contained companions

  • Overall, Standard is diverse: even though one deck has a little less than a quarter of the meta, there are many other distinct decks floating around the ten percent mark. 

  • Temur Reclamation appears to be the deck to play if you don’t want to run companions: Temur Reclamation appears to be a good choice going forward, reportedly preying on Jeskai Fires decks, while also being able to out play many others. 

  • Jeskai Cycling looks to solidify itself in the meta game: several jesaki cycling decks were present this weekend at the super qualifier, putting up strong results.

For the full article on the WOTC Mothership, Check out this link here

What do you think will be the next up and coming deck in standard? Will Fires get hit by the DCI? Let us kno in the comments below or on Twitter!


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