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Vi and Swain Bash their way into Legends of Runeterra

Piltover’s Finest, Vi, and Noxian General, Swain, were recently announced as the two newest champions entering Legends of Runeterra. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these cards do:

Vi: Region: Piltover Cost: 5 Attack: 2 Health: 5 Keywords: Challenger and Tough Ability: While I’m in play or in hand, grant me +1/+0 when you play another card (max +8/+0) Level up: When I Strike for 10 or more. Leveled up: Attack: 10 Health: 6 Keywords: Challenger and Tough Ability: When I Strike a unit while attacking, deal 5 to the enemy Nexus. Vi Champion Spell: Vault Breaker: Cost: 3 Spell type: Burst Give an Ally +2/+0 this round. Create a Fleeting Vault Breaker in hand. Quick Vi impressions: Vi offers Piltover decks a powerful new tool towards ending the game, especially as she synergizes well with the already aggressive style of the Jinx orientated decks. Being both a fast way to end games and a strong way to control the board, expect Vi to be committing Assault and Battery once she hits Runeterra.

Swain: Region: Noxus Cost: 5 Attack: 3 Health: 6 Keywords: Fearsome Ability: Nexus Strike: Deal 3 to the enemy Nexus. Level up: When we’ve done 12 non-combat damage this game.

Leveled up: Attack: 4 Health: 7 Keywords: Fearsome Ability: When we deal non-combat damage to the enemy Nexus, Stun the Strongest backrow enemy. Nexus Strike: Deal 3 to all enemies. Swain Champion Spell: Ravenous Flock: Cost: 1 Spell type: Fast Deal 4 to a unit if it’s damaged or Stunned. Quick Swain impressions: Swain emerges to help lead Noxus to the top of the meta, offering a win condition by himself if protected while also working well with already existing Noxus strategies, such as decks built around Vladimir. Expect Swain to make a quick mark on Runeterra as he opens up a lot of interesting ways to build your decks. That’s it for our looks at Swain and Vi, two new and interesting champions coming to you on April 30th. You can check out the other revealed champions, here and here. What do you think of Swain and Vi? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.

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