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Throne Deck Tech: Even Broker Vox

Today I'm going to talk about the deck currently performing best for me in Throne since the release of Argent Depths. I’ll include a brief description of the game plan, then describe individual card choices.


4 Beseech the Throne (Set9 #212)

4 Blightmoth (Set1085 #14)

4 Desert Alchemist (Set9 #46)

4 Devour (Set1 #261)

4 Evenhanded Golem (Set6 #237)

4 Kato, Arena Herald (Set8 #7)

2 Two-Face (Set8 #126)

4 Unfamiliar Interloper (Set8 #202)

4 Vox, Nurturing Sadist (Set1085 #17)

4 Worthy Cause (Set7 #186)

4 Gentle Grazer (Set8 #52)

4 Strange Burglar (Set8 #156)

4 Wasteland Broker (Set9 #214)

1 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)

3 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)

2 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)

2 Crest of Impulse (Set3 #251)

4 Praxis Vow (Set9 #181)

2 Crest of Chaos (Set3 #268)

3 Stonescar Vow (Set9 #190)

4 Crest of Mystery (Set4 #266)

4 Xenan Cylix (Set9 #199)


1 Ark of Sol (Set7 #34)

1 Silverblade Menace (Set1087 #10)

1 Gnash, Desert Prince (Set1006 #8)

1 Passage of Eons (Set1001 #3)

1 Azindel, Revealed (Set1004 #21)


Even Vox has essentially the same game plan as Scrappy Hour did. Control the board with early expendable units and then win in the late game with overwhelming board and card advantage. All of your units can generate value the turn they are played or have corrupted, so traditional removal is mostly useless against you. Because you have so many blockers, it's hard for most units to get through on the ground. This means flyers are one of your few worries when playing against midrange. Against aggro you're trying to survive until Kato and Vox can take over the board. Against spell-based decks, such as Hooru, in which you have to be aggressive and get in enough damage for Silverblade Menace to finish them off, Burglar really shines in this kind of matchup. A good starting hand has either Golem or Grazer and a turn 2 play.

Card Choices:

Evenhanded Golem and Unfamiliar Interloper: Golem and Interloper are the glue that holds this deck together: They smooth out your draws, giving you the power and influence you need to play your other cards. Golem is a good draw at basically any point in the game, and Interloper is two bodies to sacrifice and triggers Burglar multiples times. If you have multiple Burglars in play Interloper can give your units +4/+0 to kill someone out of nowhere with a bunch of 0/Xs.

Kato, Arena Herald, Blightmoth, and Two-Face:

These are the rest of your 2 drop corrupted units. Kato and Two-Face can enable Ark while Blightmoth stunts early aggression, blocks fliers, and pops aegis. In the late game Kato makes giants that tower over almost anything on the board, so consider holding Kato in hand when you're getting close to 12 units in your void. Two-Face is the worst of these cards but I've found going below 2 copies of Two-Face makes Vox more inconsistent.

Vox, Nurturing Sadist:

The card this deck is named after, Vox cashes in your shades and Golems to make your opponent sacrifice their units, while In the process, Vox turns your shades into sizable units (It's not unheard of for Vox to make shades larger than a giant). As an added bonus, he enables Ark. Few cards in the game do as much for so little power.

Gentle Grazer:

This is one of the best cards in the deck and your almost always happy to draw it. Grazer stabilizes against aggro and provides massive value against midrange and control. It can avoid board clears with Ambush and often gives you at least 2 bodies to sacrifice. If the game is going extra long its corrupted ability gives you even more value. It's hard to lose when you play a Grazer on turn 4.

Wasteland Broker:

When you draw as many cards as this deck does, the line between top 20 cards and your hand has never been blurrier. The 5 faction Vox deck gets to play a Keelo toolbox, but before now the 3 faction version lacked the same kind of versatility. After the slot occupied by Ark of Sol, I believe Azindel and Menace are must-includes. The last 2 slots should have 2 out of Xenan Obelisk, Stormhalt Knife, Passage of Eons, and Gnash, Desert Prince. Currently I have Passage and Gnash. Besides giving the deck a toolbox, a 4/5 for 4 is reasonably good at blocking early units to slow down aggro.

Strange Burglar:

I still don't understand why Burglar draws 3 cards but I'm not complaining. Most of the time you wait to play Burglar on turn 6 and then draw immediately. Burglar not only draws cards but also presents a lot of damage in the mid game. Leaving anything on board for this deck leaves the potential for a double Burglar to end the game out of nowhere, and Burglar is also hard for most aggro decks to kill, so he can be a good blocker.

Desert Alchemist and Worthy Cause:

These are both versatile removal spells. Alchemist kills anything on the ground, helps you get power when you need it, and action when you have too much power. When you're sacrificing so many units, Cause kills almost anything no questions asked at fast speed. On top of that, Cause can gain you large amounts of life by decimating.


Previous versions have run 10 Crests but given the addition of Cylix I think 8 is the right number. The deck is primarily Xenan so I play 4+2+2. Crests help smooth out your early draws, find you action in the late game, and provide a great way to spend power on odd turns.

Xenan Cylix:

As of right now this is the only Cylix available in FTS but luckily it's the most important. It fixes influence early and is often undepleted starting turn 3. Interloper makes TTSS easy so you're rarely not drawing a Treasure Trove.


Before now this deck ran Diplomtic Seal which could be problematic with Grazer. Vows offer a way to have undepleted power of the faction you need. I play 4+3 favoring Praxis because of Grazer. The 1 life is a small price to pay for the consistency Vows provide and after you have your influence you don't need to pay any more life.


The math for Sigils is easy. Your faction requirements are FTTTSS so the deck runs 1 Fire Sigil, 3 Time Sigils, and 2 Shadow Sigils. This means that Vows and Ark will always be able to find you the power you need.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Don't overvalue paying for Kato's ability, you often have enough fodder that you should let it die and do something else unless you need the body for some reason next turn.

  • Save your Causes for the right threats most things on the ground won't matter if the game lasts long enough.

  • Play Broker before drawing cards. Your card draw is much more impactful if you've marketed first.

  • Don't be afraid to throw away units for life with Vox. If your opponent could top deck burn but doesn't have units you can still use Vox to gain life.

  • Don't waste life for deck thinning. If you have your influence and are against a deck that's trying to threaten your life total you can elect not to pay life for Vows.

  • It's often best to activate Burglar before combat if your opponent has power up for removal. You'll miss damage but losing your Burglar before activating is a far greater loss.

  • If you haven't yet played Ark and want to sacrifice a Kato in play, attacking forces your opponent to block Kato or enable Ark allowing you to get the giant either way.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do. I'll be back soon with more Argent Depths content.


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