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Too busy to read the news this week? Here’s what you missed.


  • Ikoria released on the 17th and it’s a blast! Check out all of the cards here! There was also an Early access streamer event, which showcased a lot of really powerful synergies.

  • Gyruda, Doom of the Depths temporarily banned in ALL formats. Gyruda is temporarily banned in all formats according to wizards of the coast’s official Twitter account. They will be removing everyone from any events they were participating in, as well as three packs of Ikoria for their troubles. Twitter is….upset….

  • There are also a slew of other issues that are happening across eternal formats in magic due to the new set. Check out the string of tweets here


  • A brand new event came to Eternal this week, the Scion Draft. This draft format unlike the traditional draft format features cards from any rarity, campaigns and more giving players the opportunity to play draft like never before. Inspired by the popular Magic: The Gathering format “Cube”, the Scion Draft has been a hit with the player base so far, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you still have a few more days to do so!

  • Eternal also saw a new balance patch this week, changing 24 cards which certainly will shake some things up. Both Throne and Expedition formats saw top decks receive changes such as Stonescar Aggro in Throne, and Rakano Aggro in Expedition. If you’d like to read more about the patch, the official patch notes can be found here

Legends of Runeterra

New heroes and cards have been spoiled this week! Here are some of the onesi we are most excited for

A new set is almost upon us, and spoilers will be rolling out through April 28th. The set will likely drop within a week or so of that, although no official date has been given as of the time this was written

Teamfight Tactics

Patch 10.8 was released this week, bringing a whole slough of changes to the game, plus a new unit. Two new Galaxies were added: Trade Sector (players get a free reroll every turn) and Superdense Galaxy (Upon reaching level 5, players receive a free Force of Nature). They added several new traits to top end comps:

  • 9 Blademaster: 100% chance to proc

  • 9 Dark Star: 45 Attack Damage & Spell Power

  • 6 Infiltrator: 125% Bonus Attack Speed

  • 6 Protector: 45% Max Health Shield

  • 9 Rebel: 350 Shield and 15% Damage per Rebel

  • 8 Sorcerer: +125 Spell Power to team

This was a huge patch that changed a lot of things about the meta. There were also quite a few bug fixes and updates made to the mobile client, providing a much smoother mobile experience.



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