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TheBoxer Wins ECQ: Whispers of The Throne

In a masterful display of deck building and piloting skills, TheBoxer took down ECQ: Whispers Of The Throne. In a field filled with aggressive, Fire based decks, Boxer’s weapon of choice for the ECQ weekend was five-faction Vox, an evolution of the Fire-Time-Shadow variant that he popularized during recent weekend events.

The three-faction variant was still quite popular during the Qualifier weekend, placing three copies in the top 16, though Boxer’s version “splashed” Justice and Primal for the powerful addition of Keelo, Bold Innovator, allowing him to build a tool box of heavy hitting singleton cards into his deck, including Snow-Crush Animist as a game-ending way to swing for the fences.

Though the event was won by a slower deck that was prepared to grind with cards like Vox, Evenhanded Golem, and Keelo, Bold Innovator, The Top 16 still showcased a diverse array of decks, including Aggro, Control, and Mid-Range lists, supporting the appearance of a healthy meta-game. You can find the full decklists here.

After obtaining an impressive 20-8 record, Boxer will join LightsOutAce as the second member of Team Rankstar to qualify for the upcoming World Championship, where 16 of the world’s best players will compete for 50,000 dollars in prizes.

You can check out the action on Direwolf Digital’s Twitch channel if you missed it, here.


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