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TheBoxer's Argent Depths Spoiler Review Smorgasbord Part 1

The Spoilers are coming fast but here at Backlash News we're going to give you our insight on every card spoiled from Argent Depths. Welcome to the first edition of my spoiler review smorgasbord.

First, up today is Ancient Machinist a 2T 2/1 Explorer that says"whenever you play a spell that costs 5 or more transform Ancient Machinist into a Sentinel with attack/health equal to that spell's cost."

This has a lot going for it in that it's a 2 drop that is relevant in the late game. The problem is that it's a 2/1 for 2 with no battle skills and most decks don't have that many 5 cost or more spells. I don't expect this to see constructed play but it looks very fun in draft.

Next on the list is Trickshot Ruffian a 1J 1/2 Gunslinger that has "summon: You may give another unit +attack/+health equal to your J influence and Lifesteal this turn."

This card is priced to move. It can help push through units for an aggro deck, win a race, push through for lethal in the late game, or even be a stabilizing tool in a Crownwatch Press-Gang deck. I expect this card to see a fair amount of play.

Moving on, we have Ancient Serpent a 6PPP 3/4 Flying Serpent that has "summon: draw a spell from your void. It gains Voidbound."

Although the effect of drawing a spell from your void is powerful, 6 power is a lot for constructed, especially given the 3/4 body. Compare this to Icaria. Then realize Icaria doesn't even make the cut as a 6 drop in constructed! It's probably very good in draft however.

Fourth in line is Grave Robbery, a 3S Fast Spell with Voidbound that says "sacrifice a unit to draw card of your choice from the enemy void."

This is a cool card that, while far too clunky in the main deck, has a lot of potential in the market. Imagine stealing a Crownwatch Press-Gang with this and grabbing a Kindling Carver? The flavor of the card is also really well-done: You sacrifice a unit because you need to replace the body from the grave when robbing it.

The penultimate card for today is Storm Prowler a 6PPPP 0/0 Flying Dinosaur that has "+1/+1 for each of your units."

Like I said above 6 power is a lot. The influence cost is also very heavy which appears to be a theme of the set. This card is unplayable in constructed but possibly quite good in draft.

Last but not least is Diana, Faith's Shield a 4TTJJJJ Flying Mage that has "summon: draw a card. You gain 2 life and 2 armor. Ultimate: pay 12 to give Diana +attack/+health equal to your total influence."

Diana is one of the more difficult cards to evaluate so far because without new power cards being released she is incredibly difficult to play on curve. However, if you can play here on curve she will stabilize most boards and present a potential headache for your opponent in the late game. A two-for-one that stabilizes the board is very exciting. She is a powerful tool for grindy midrange decks. If the influence to play cards like her and Rolant is in the new set expect to see a lot of her in both formats.

That's it for today but check back soon for more spoiler analysis.


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