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TFT Patch 10.9: Champions Drops and Compositions Overview

As of April 29th, patch 10.9 has hit the live servers, bringing with it a plethora of changes. From two new galaxies which you can read about here, champion buffs and nerfs, system updates and trait adjustments, there’s a lot to cover.If you’re interested in reading the patch notes themselves, they can be found here. Let’s get started with likely the biggest change, the champion drop rates

Champion Drop Rates:

Level 3: 70/30/0/0/0% -> 75/25/0/0/0%

Level 4: 50/35/15/0/0% -> 60/30/10/0/0%

Level 5: 35/40/25/5/0% -> 40/35/20/5/0%

Level 6: 20/35/35/10/0% -> 25/35/30/10/0%

Level 7: 14/30/40/15/1% -> 19/30/35/15/1%

Quick Impressions:

Any time champion drop rates are changed, it usually leads to a meta shake up. This is usually due to the accessibility of certain 3-star units at each leveling point, and how accessible 4 and 5 cost units are. In the previous patch, players would roll at level 5 for 2 cost units, and level 6 if they needed a mix of 2 and 3 cost units or also needed to hit a 4 cost unit at some point. This case often occurred when playing mech-infiltrators, a composition which aimed to 3-star Kai’sai, Shaco, Rumble and Annie while also picking up some Fizz.

Due to these changes, it is now much easier to upgrade 1 cost units, something that wasn’t very easy before. Now that it’s more viable, expect to see players looking for more 1 cost 3-star units, specifically Fiora, Xayah and Twisted Fate, which seem to be the strongest so far.

Re-roll comps do receive a nerf this patch, since they will need to spend more gold on average to hit their 2 and 3 cost units. This means less players should be forcing these compositions without a strong start for them, both item and champion wise due to the risk of losing more HP.. Re-roll comps are still very good, but many players should consider including 1 cost units in their re-roll compositions,as opposed to an increased number of 2 cost units.


Note: For each trait I will do a very quick overview of how they affect the game, but only Vanguard, Blaster and Infiltrator changes will make a large difference. These changes are aimed at enabling more small synergies in late game comps, instead of comps playing the maximum synergy such as 6 cybernetic, 4 blaster, or 6 dark star.

Blademaster Proc Chance: 30/60/100% -> 30/55/100%

Blademaster: Increased the speed of the bonus attacks

6 Blademaster wasn’t a composition many players were playing unless they hit spatulas, but when they did they found mixed results. This change is a buff to 3 blade master, and likely won’t have a large impact on the viability of 6 blademaster.

Blaster Bonus Attacks: 3/6 -> 3/5

This is one of the more impactful changes to this patch, taking power away from the Blaster Brawler composition. This change will be impactful, especially due to champions such as Jinx building Giant Slayer, which will now be used one less time. Some players have rebuilt this composition, playing only 2 Blasters and adding Sona and Lulu, granting Rebel and Mystic.

Brawler bonus health: 300/700 -> 350/650

Brawlers have been a strong frontline option so far this set, for both the early and the late game. In the later stages of the games, players usually play 4 brawlers, or 0. This change may help push people to keep 2 on the board even in the end game.

Celestial: 15/40/65 -> 15/35/60

Celestial took a massive rise in the last patch, often partnered with Darius to create the “Space Jam” composition. Celestial has shown to be a powerful option and will remain so despite the changes as 2 celestials are unchanged, and most compositions wanting 4 celestials usually overkill, making losing 5% healing not end up mattering too much. Between this and the champion drop rate changes, the Space Jam composition should be weaker despite no direct champion changes.

Cybernetic: 350&35/750%75 -> 350&35/700&70

Between the massive buff to Lucian we will outline later, Cybernetics receive a slight change but keep most of their power intact, including their early bonus. Due to other late game synergies seeing nerfs, Cybernetics will likely end up being better positioned on this new patch despite this nerf.

Darkstar Attack Damage and Spell Power: 25/30/35 -> 20/25/30

Despite a hot fix last patch, Darkstar’s remained one of the most dominant compositions, primarily due to Xerath. Xerath received a number of nerfs this patch, but this should push players away from playing only Darkstar’s, instead playing itonly when they find the right units and items.

Infiltrator Attack Speed Bonus: 50/80/125 -> 50/75/125

Infiltrator: Now refreshes on takedowns at all levels

Between this and the nerfs to Mech, the nerf to 4 infiltrator will matter at times, but two infiltrators are now substantially more powerful and be splashed into many more compositions. Expect to see combinations such as Infiltrator Kayle + Kai’sai show up in builds such as Kayle carry.

Protector Shield: 20/30/45 -> 25/30/40

2 Protector’s received a buff this patch, likely due to how little they were being played until they were 2-star’d. Due to this, they were heavily outclassed by Brawlers and Vanguards early on until you found 4 Protectors. This will shift some power back into early protectors, but they likely won’t be stronger than other defensive openers.

Rebel Shield: 150/225/350 -> 150/210/330

Although Rebel’s haven’t been seeing a ton of play lately, they received a slight nerf this patch. This nerf shouldn’t take much power away from Rebels, and with a number of Rebel champions receiving buffs this patch, this composition is likely stronger than before.

Sorcerer Spell Power: 20/45/80/125 -> 20/40/75/120

Star Guardian Mana: 30/60 -> 30/50

We put these two together, since most compositions that rely on hitting 4 or more sorcerers, also intend to hit 6 Star Guardian. Meaning that this is essentially a double nerf to this composition and although each nerf is minor, both nerfs combined leaves the Star Guardian composition losing a decent amount of its power.

Vanguard Armor: 60/250 -> 125/250

Vanguard’s receive a substantial buff to their early game with a massive increase in armor, making it even more difficult to get through them early on. This buff is pretty substantial and cements Vanguard’s as

one of the best ways to get through the early game.

Valkyrie Critical Strike Threshold: 50% -> 40% or below

Valkyrie so far this set has been a trait you add in for bonus damage, although a nerf is surprising the utility and power Valkyrie offers isn’t overly hindered. Expect to see Kayle compositions still look for this, but Mech-Infiltrators may opt for Sorcerer at level 7 instead.

Chrono Rework: 15/35/75% every 4 seconds -> 15% every 8/4/2 seconds

Chrono: First tick now happens immeditality at the start of combat.

Chrono received a rework this patch, shifting its strengths from long drawn out fights to a more fast paced trait. Chrono no longer allows champions such as Kayle to not build heavy attack speed, since this is an overall decrease in attack speed as the fight progresses, but champions such as Irellia who do not need to ramp up in a fight, get to apply this immeditality. This makes Chrono powerful as a splash trait, as well as a trait to help champions who just need to use their ability once to be useful get more mana quickly, such as Cho’gath or Ekko.

Mech Pilot mana granted to Pilots on death: 25 -> 0

Mech Pilot base health: 1800 -> 1500

Mech Pilot share of pilot health: 50% -> 45%

After another batch of nerfs to Mech Pilot, including in the Champion Drop Rates, Mech is likely still very strong. Although weaker, both Rumble and Annie received buffs this patch, alongside Infiltrator making this composition's early game a lot stronger. This means that in theory, you should bleed less health while trying to get full online. The mana nerf is the most important, meaning each Pilot may not necessarily cast anymore, especially Fizz.

That’s all for our look at the Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.9 traits and system changes. Have you been having any success with anything, or have any thoughts on the patch? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.


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