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Teembro Talk: We Can Even.

Evenhanded Golem has been a hot topic of discussion in the Eternal community since its release. What was intended to be a meme-y build around card has now transformed the Throne metagame as a whole, with numerous iterations of an “Even” deck coming to fruition, from simpler aggro based strategies such as Even Combrei to more complex ones like Even Vox.

Of course, while the decks are strong they are heavily dependent on whether or not the player draws the card or not, especially in the early game. I will admit that the games in which my opponents play an EHG on turn two feel really bad from my end, especially if they follow up on turn three with yet another one. At the same time, the games in which my opponents do not manage to play an early EHG tend to be very one sided in my favor. It’s the very definition of a make or break card.

Personally, I don’t want to see Evenhanded Golem nerfed into a state of unplayability, and some of the game developers have commented on this topic numerous times, stating that they are certainly keeping an eye on EHG but don’t believe the card warrants action as of yet. While the community has proposed numerous ideas for changes, most of them seem to have the same issues with completely killing the card. So is there a way we can meet in the middle? Can Evenhanded Golem find a place of salvation for its users and opponents? I believe it can, and here is my proposed rework:

At first glance, this seems like the same card, but this slight change could make a huge difference in how the matchups play out. With my proposed rework, if the player going first has an Evenhanded Golem in hand, it will not be able to activate on curve on Turn 2, making the games in which the EHG player goes first less snowbally.

Furthermore, this change opens up more gameplay decisions from both ends; The Even players may be thrust into situations where they may need to play an extra card in their hand suboptimally in order to activate the card’s ability, while the opponent could have the option of either putting an odd cost card in their opponent’s hand to negate the effect, or even forcing the opponent to draw a card when able.

The Dire Wolf developers seem to be taking the approach of making new cards to create more counterplay for EHG, a philosophy that I completely agree with, and my proposed change could also coincide with this current design philosophy while still providing the option for Even decks to exist.

Of course, in the late game the Even deck player would always have the option of keeping an extra power in hand to prepare for any odd handed turns, but the issues with EHG mostly seem to come from the early game implications it has rather than the late game topdecks that may occur. Regardless, this is just some food for thought as we await this week’s upcoming balance update.

I’m expecting them to make a comment on EHG without making any changes while nerfing Kato to three-cost and possibly having its void requirement increased to twelve units required. I’m also expecting Eremot’s Machinations to be nerfed to six-cost, but any other changes seem quite uncertain to me. While I think Jekk does need a nerf to cost 4 power (essentially making him a five drop with his ability and preventing Machination shenanigans) I believe they’ll hit Machinations first and see where Jekk stands for the next month and in the upcoming Expedition ECQ before taking any actions against him.

However, that’s my proposal for Evenhanded Golem.

Would such a change be welcomed in Eternal? Do Even decks deserve to share a seat at the round table of meta decks? Join the discussion below or on Reddit.


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