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Teamfight Tactics: Top 5 Worst Parts Of The First Half Of Set 3

With Teamfight Tactics patch 10.12 coming next week, it’s a great time to reflect on the good and the bad parts of the first half of set 3. We know with this patch, 14 new champions, a pile of traits and champion changes will be coming alongside a ranked reset. Earlier this week, I talked about my favorite parts of the first half of set 3, which you can read here. With any game, there is always room for improvement and today let’s take a look at the top 5 things I disliked most about set 3 so far.

#5 Void

It may have taken a few buffs and a lot of time before players began regularly playing Voids, but once they did it felt pretty obnoxious. Thankfully they will be going away, but a composition that can deal massive amounts of damage while ignoring defenses is always going to be difficult to balance, and at times leave players feeling like there is a lack of counterplay. Options such as Guardian Angel for your carries exists, but not being able to tech in Mystic’s when you’re losing to Vel’koz is not something I’m a fan of. Void is an interesting design, but I’m thrilled to see them leaving in order to make defensive options feel more justified and rewarding moving forward.

#4 Gangplank

At first, I loved Gangplank as a unique 5 cost unit utilizing the new Mercenary trait. Fast forward a few months, and despite being my favorite League of Legends champion, Gangplank has led to a lot of scenarios that simply weren't fun. Between the Demolitionist trait (I wonder where this ranks), Mercenary upgrades, and the insane amount of damage a 2 star Gangplank can put out, many late games have been decided by this power house unit. 5-cost units should always be unique, but Gangplank felt very format-warping throughout the set. You could argue that a properly itemized two star 5-cost champion should be a power house, but Gangplank went too far with this without enough counter=play.

#3 Reroll Compositions

Don’t get me wrong, I primarily played reroll compositions by choice this set, but one major issue has heavily taken away from them. Due to the lack of 3 cost carriers, it takes fast-eight comps a too long to get online, making it difficult to punish these compositions. There are different ways to counter these, like looking to power spike at level 7, but reroll compositions are given too much free time each game and even if a player is slow rolling, it’s extremely easy for them to get a massive win streak. Reroll compositions are a healthy option to exist and I enjoy playing them, but so far this set they have felt overbearing.

#2 Galactic Armory and Lilac Nebula Galaxies

We’ve seen 10 Galaxies added so far to this set, and although Lilac Nebula will be removed in patch 10.12, these two have stood above the rest as Galaxies that I never want to play. Although cool ideas on paper, these two Galaxies heavily warped the game based upon how the game started, due to the power spikes a strong champion such as Kayle could give, or how only a few compositions could utilize certain items well. There was counter play such as selling your 4 cost champion to econ more efficiently, or trying to use the given items on a less contested composition. These options could work well at times, but often felt like the wrong strategy and lead to games with less opportunities being presented.

#1 Demolitionist Charge

I think I’ve made this one obvious enough: Demolitionist Charge was by far my least favorite part of the entire set and I am beyond excited to have it gone. Primarily abused by Kai’sai, this item led to massive power spikes for compositions and gameplay that felt hopeless for others, as Kai’sai stunned your entire backline. Kayle also stunned everyone in her path. Demolitionist Charge limited design space and helped lead to situations such as Gangplank or Mech-Pilots being way too powerful. I don’t ever expect to see this kind of item return, and I think most of the community would agree that this was a truly miserable item.

The first half of set 3 has been fantastic, but of course wasn’t perfect. Although I have some negative feelings about certain portions, this has been one of my personally favorite sets so far and am thrilled to play the second half of this set and future sets, especially with some of my biggest issues with this set leaving us. Patch 10.12 is less then a week away.

If you have thoughts on the first half of set 3, let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter!


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