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Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.10 review

The second to last patch before the mid season expansion, patch 10.10 has been released. This patch is intended to be a minor patch meant to fix smaller problems while leaving bigger issues such as Mana Printer Sona to be addressed with the mid season expansion. With this in mind, this is a smaller patch than the last, but includes trait, champion, and item changes along with a new Galaxy. You can read the official Patch Notes here.


Superdense Galaxy: Now grants a free Force of Nature after the stage 3 carousel, rather than upon reaching level 5.

Quick Impressions:

For many players, this was their least favorite galaxy due to the play style it forced upon the game. Due to the power spike of the Force of Nature, players rushed level 5 right after the stage 2 carousel, and players who decided not to were taking 10+ damage per round, something that you can’t have happen for long. This change will make it substantially less warping and allow players to prioritize their economy if they choose so, overall making it more reasonable.

Galactic Armory: All players start with the same 2 full items. These items cannot be items made with a Spatula.

Quick Impressions:

The 8th galaxy of the set has been added, this one starting players with full items. This galaxy will incentivize players to play specific comps for many of the items, such as blasters if they start with Red Buff. This means its possible the items dictate the gameplay to much, but it also means players who learn to use their items differently to play uncontested builds may get an advantage.


Mech Pilot Attack Damage: 100% of Pilots’ Attack Damage -> 80 + 45% of Pilots Attack Damage

Quick Impressions:

The mech seems to find a way to get nerfed in every patch, this time taking an attack damage change. This nerf will only be noticeable in the high level mechs, but with the mechs attack cleaving this will have an impact in the later stages. Mech is still going to be a powerful option as long as Kai’sai remains unchanged, including how strong she is with Demolisher but this nerf will make it harder for things such as the mech killing off an opposing Jinx quickly.

Infiltrators: Now jump regardless if there is a target within their Attack Range on start of combat.

Quick Impressions:

This is a change many players are happy about, meaning things such as Infiltrator Kayle or Rapid Fire Cannon Shaco will now jump. This is a healthy change, and will make playing against these champions more consistent and make Rapid Fire Cannon a viable item for this comp. This will change the viability of certain champions with the Infiltrator spatula but is a good quality of life change.

Space Pirate (4) Item Drop Chance: 20% -> 25%

Quick Impressions:

Although a nice buff, this doesn’t solve some of the issues Space Pirates has. Space Pirates is in a weird spot due to its synergies not working well together and hitting 4 pirates doesn’t give an immediate increase in board strength. Due to this, players will usually play reroll pirates with Darius and Jayce, or sell them after the early game. This buff is nice for those who decide to play Space Pirates, but likely won’t make it any more viable at high elo


Tier 1 Champions:

Poppy Buckler Toss Damage: 100/175/250 -> 100/150/200

Poppy Buckler Toss Shield: 200/350/500 -> 200/300/450

Poppy has become a menace this patch, with both a large buff to 2 Vanguards and the ability to re-roll for 1 cost units, Poppy became a problem. Often being able to 1v5 unless itemized, Poppy needed changing and these nerfs should put her more in line, without making her no longer viable as a carry. These changes seem good, and with the Chalice of Harmony changes as well, expect a lot less Poppy carry in your games, but it will still exist.

Twisted Fate Wild Cards Damage: 200/300/550 -> 200/300/450

Twisted Fate was one of the other 1 cost units that benefited the most from the last patch, often being ran alongside Poppy. Twisted Fate spiked extremely hard at 3 star, and a change to him is no surprise. Twisted Fate is still going to be a very powerful unit as his cards hit many champions but he should spend less time one shotting all your one cost units.

Xayah AD: 55 -> 50

Xayah was the other one cost carry that was strong enough to have compositions built around them, but Xayah received a much less harsh change then Poppy and Twisted Fate. 5 AD will matter over time, especially as a champion designed to spam it’s attacks but the core of what makes Xayah strong is still intact and compositions such as Xayah carry should still be strong, but maybe less forcible.

Ziggs Total Mana: 45 -> 40

Ziggs has been a 1 cost champion many players have been avoiding since his nerf early on into this set. This is a revert to that nerf, and in a world where most players are playing Vanguards early on, a strong magic damage dealer like Ziggs can perform well, especially now that he needs to auto attack one less time per bomb. Ziggs may be a possible reroll target now as well if you can put 1-2 Seraphs on him.

Tier 2 Champions:

Yasuo Health: 600 -> 700

Yasuo Total Mana: 100 -> 90

Ever since Yasuo’s ability received a rework, he’s been a weak choice that most players have been avoiding. Now that he can no longer jump to the backline, Yasuo needed some serious help and this is a start to fixing his issues. Although he is substantially stronger now, Yasuo may need more buffs in the future for him to be a champion worth prioritizing. With the buffs to Ziggs, Yasuo will likely start popping up in Rebel comps more frequently, a comp that continues to get small buffs each patch.

Tier 3 Champions:

Karma Attack Speed Bonus on Shield: 35%/50%/100% -> 50%/75%/125%

Karma has struggled in set 3, only seeing consistent play in Dark Star’s so far and rarely being the choice as a way to add mystic. This buff should make Karma feel like more of a option for other compositions, while also significantly helping Dark Star’s in the form of more attack speed for Jhin or Xerath.

Syndra Unleashed Power Damage: 80/120/200 -> 100/150/250 per orb

Syndra has gone from being spammed constantly, to seeing very little play. Due to changes to Tear, Star Guardians, Chalice of Harmony and the meta Syndra doesn’t do enough, and giving her some power back shouldn’t be too dangerous.

Tier 4 Champions:

Kayle Divine Ascent Waves Damage: 125/200/750 -> 125/200/600

One of the strongest 4 cost units, Kayle received a nerf to her 3 star variant. Although not something players hit often, Kayle 3 was extremely strong and once hit, became overbearing. Many players expected to see other nerfs to Kayle, but for now this should help make Kayle 3 not feel like an instant win. This may push players playing Kayle carry towards going to level 9 instead of going for Kayle 3

Vel’koz Spell Damage: 425/550/2000 -> 450/600/2000

With Mana Printer being nerfed, Vel’koz received a slight buff to compensate. Overall this patch is likely a tiny nerf to Vel’koz based comps, but his playability shouldn’t fluctuate very much due to it. Vel’koz will likely need to go back to building Seraphs instead of relying on Sona, but instead this opens up the option to just play 2 Vel’koz 2’s in Void Brawler.


Chalice of Harmony Mana Store: 10 -> 8

Although it looks minor, this change hurts the Mana printer comp massively. Usually, 2 Chalice + Seraphs means Sona gets 40 mana, now she will only get 36. This means Sona will have to auto attack once before recasting, reducing her efficiency. Although this hurts Mana printer, it doesn’t kill the build and won’t punish other builds for building this item too much. Lead designer Mort has already said that Chalice is likely the first item to be removed in the upcoming mid season update.

Deathblade Starting Stacks: 0 -> 1

Deathblade is the item built to give the highest raw attack damage in the game, the issue is most champions need additional help getting through tanks, such as using Giant Slayer. This buff is strong and quickly passes items such as Infinity Edge in damage, but still may not be enough for carries such as Jinx or Xayah who do not have built in ways to get through a front line.

Morello and Red Buff Damage: 27% -> 25%

These items received a minor change this patch, likely due to how powerful an early red buff is. This change shouldn’t affect either item's viability, but may give players more reason to resist an early Red Buff in order to go for a win streak, and instead using those components on something else later on. In a meta with heavy healing and tanks, these items will still be core to many builds

A small but noteworthy patch, 10.10 is here as we push towards the mid season update. The meta likely won’t be changing too much, but with a new galaxy and a updated one, there is still lots to try out. Have any thoughts or comments? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter.


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