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Teamfight Tactics deploys a hotfix to Ziggs

This’ll be a blast!”

Announced today on Riot Mort’s twitter, Ziggs has received a hotfix only two days after the release of patch 10.10. In this patch, Ziggs received a buff bringing his total mana down from 45 to 40, meaning he has to auto attack one less time to cast. Due to this, players began experimenting with Ziggs carry compositions such as re-roll Rebels, intending to put 2 Seraph’s Embrace on him making him cast repeatedly without auto attacking.Time and time again, we’ve seen one minor change in a champion, item or trait redefine the whole game and this was another case of that.

The Change:

Ziggs Spell Damage: 300/400/700 -> 300/400/550

Quick Impressions:

Ziggs was once a dominant 1 cost unit, being one of the best ways for the popular Rebel composition to get to it’s late game power spike. At this point in time, it was not viable to re-roll for 1 cost champions and so 3 star Ziggs wasn’t very explored, and he ended up receiving a nerf to his mana, which has been reverted in this patch. This change along with changes to champion appearance rates made Ziggs a viable 1 cost carry again, and one that Riot felt needed to be changed immediately. For those unaware, the ideal ziggs composition was to re-roll for 3 star Ziggs and Malphite at stage 3-1, and then add in Rebels and Rumble for the demolitionist buff.

Ziggs base damage received a change, leaving Ziggs a powerful option to put Seraphs on, but one that may need some additional damage. This seems like a great change, as most of the time players played 2 Seraph's Embrace + Quicksilver on Ziggs, meaning they built no damage items because of his already very high rate of spell damage. Expect this composition to still be strong, but we likely won’t be seeing 2+ people forcing it in each lobby. This was a much faster change than we normally see, but should help make the rest of this patch more interesting.

That’s all for the hotfix on Ziggs, The Hexplosives expert. Do you think this was needed, or have any other thoughts on Teamfight Tactics right now? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.


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