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Teamfight Tactics: A Guide To Reroll Compositions

Throughout each season of Teamfight Tactics, two strategies have consistently been popular: getting to level eight as fast as possible(hereon referred to as Fast Eight) and Re-roll compositions. The Fast Eight play style has always focused on making as much gold as possible, spending excess gold on leveling, and building your compositions around four and five-cost champions that you find at higher levels. This has been the more popular variant for a long time, as it is a more consistent game plan and rewards playing for win streaks. Re-roll compositions rely on trying to 3-star one-cost units early into the game, and spending gold on re-rolling instead of leveling. Due to the changes in patch 10.9, reroll comps have become the more popular strategy now that it is easier to hit 3-star versions of your 1 cost units. In this article, we will be going over why you should start playing reroll compositions if they aren’t already, when to play them, how to play them and which specific reroll build to play in different situations. What Is A Reroll Composition A reroll composition is one that reaches a certain level, and tries to spend it’s gold in order to 3 star low cost units and use those to win streak for the rest of the game. These builds often want to roll at level 4 or 5 for 1 cost units, or level 6 for 2 cost units. Some examples of these would be “Shredder”(Xayah Carry),, Kha’zix carry or “Space Jam ''(Darius + Celestials). All of these builds require certain 3 star champions in order to succeed, but upon reaching these 3 star’s will be substantially stronger than the rest of the lobby. Why Should You Play Reroll Compositions? There are a lot of reasons to play re-roll compositions, such as massive power spikes and consistent end game paths in each game. Most builds that aren’t reroll become powerful later in the game once they hit their key expensive units, but re-roll compositions often can have their end game setup before players even hit level 8, forcing other players to spend gold earlier then they’d like to in order to not take too much damage. For example, once you hit 3-star Xayah in the Xayah carry composition, you are almost guaranteed to win streak until stage 4-5 where other players begin to roll down for their expensive units like Miss Fortune. Due to this, you can use your win streak money to catch up on levels and get stronger, while other players are trying to stabilize. Except for a few exceptions like a lucian with a lot of strong items early, there are very few cases where someone will be as strong as you, and so this is a fantastic way to guarantee top finishes. The other reason to play these compositions is to focus on things besides your own composition, but let me explain. When you decide you are going to play some sort of re-roll composition, you know exactly what units you want already and no longer need to be deciding what to look for. This means that you can focus on your positioning and scouting more effectively, while other players are deciding what to do with the Kayle they hit at level 5. Due to this, reroll compositions give you an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the game and avoid mistakes that cost you fights, without sacrificing power level. When Should You Play Reroll Compositions? Learning when to play reroll compositions and which one to play is likely the most important factor in playing them. This varies for each comp which will be outlined later, but things such as the Galaxy you are in, which units you hit early on, your items, and what other players are playing are all super important factors. Galaxies affect things massively, and of note Star Cluster, Treasure Trove and Trade Sector Galaxies are ones where you would want to consider playing reroll compositions in. Star Cluster and Trade Sector make it more likely to hit your important units, and Treasure Trove makes it more likely to have excess gold and more ideal items. On Star Cluster, if you manage to start with something like a Sparring Gloves Xayah or BF Sword Kha’zix, it’s hard to pass up building around these units. Be careful on Trade Sector, most re-roll compositions can at max support 2 players playing them and since most people will play a reroll composition, if you see 4 people trying to play the same build as you, you likely need to find a different composition to re-roll for or try to go for more expensive units. On the Neekoverse and Superdense Galaxy, you should play reroll compositions less often (but not never) as these compositions make it easier for players to get to late game and find 2 star 4 and 5 cost units. You can’t play a reroll composition with poor items, if you start the game with 2 Tear of the Goddess and a Needlessly Large Rod, playing Xayah carry just isn’t viable for you. Knowing what each re-roll composition needs item wise is very important, because regardless of your units if your items aren’t strong enough you’re not using your champions efficiently. On the other hand, if you start with some okay items but find important units early on, this is a big reason to play a reroll composition. If you find yourself hitting lots of units, you’re going to have to spend less gold once you start rolling to get your 3 star units and will also dissuade other players contesting your units if they see you already have a lot of them. Regardless of your items, 4 people cannot play the same reroll composition. Sometimes players play units like Xayah for the first little while but don’t roll for them and plan to sell them, keep an eye on this. If you see people holding lots of the same unit, putting the right items on these units then they are likely going to be rerolling for these units, and you can’t expect to contest them. There is an occasion where your items are so much better than your opponents that you can slow roll and bully them into pivoting, but especially at lower ranks this doesn’t always work and isn’t something I recommend. Hyper Rolling Vs Slow Rolling This is a topic that is heavily debated when it comes to which way to approach hitting your units. Hyper Rolling is for compositions needing one cost 3-star units, to roll all their gold at stage 3-1 as that is the last stage where you can be level 4, the stage with the best chance of hitting one cost units. Slow rolling is instead of rolling at level 4, hitting level 5 and only rolling excess gold. Hyper Rolling is higher risk, but if you hit your units right away you power spike faster and won’t have to sacrifice as much health trying to get your units. Slow Rolling means you will hit units slower, but will generate more interest each round making it easier to level up after you hit your units. Some players claim you should always do one or the other, but from all the information I’ve read, my personal experience and many to players, I don’t believe this is correct. In general, I highly prefer Slow rolling but there are some exceptions. If you are being contested, it is almost always correct to slow roll as you will need the access gold in order to hit your units, but if you have 5-6 of a unit already at stage 3-1 you can usually hyper roll and hit your units. If you are slow rolling, and haven’t hit your units by around stage 4-1, it’s time to decide if you should all in and reroll for your units or just start leveling and consider transitioning into a more expensive unit composition. It never feels good to transition after spending quite a lot of gold on rerolls, but sometimes it’s the only play. For compositions that plan to re-roll at level 6, slow rolling is the only option as the champions cost a lot more to have on your bench. Which Reroll Composition To Play? The big question, which one to play. For each composition, I’ll outline the core champions and items you should be looking for early on, when to roll and what your endgame composition should look like. These compositions are for patch 10.10, but it is unlikely for these to change much until the mid season expansion in patch 10.12. “Shredder” - Xayah Carry

Items: Sparring Gloves > BF Sword > Recurve Bow. If you start with 2 Sparring Gloves and a couple of units for it, you can almost always play this build. Ideal final items: Xayah: Infinity Edge + Last Whisper + Quicksilver or Deathblade + Runnans Hurrican + Quicksilver. Jarvan IV: Rabadon's Deathcap When to roll: Level 4 for hyperroll, level 5 for slowroll Who to 3 Star: Xayah, Jarvan IV, potentially Fiora and Caitlin. The most popular reroll composition, Shredder relies on stacking a 3 star Xayah with items and protecting them by surrounding them with frontline, the celestial trait and good positioning. If you can play this composition without being too contested, you likely should but heavy defensive openers or multiple Tear of the Goddess and Needlessly Large Rod mean you should look elsewhere. At level 5 this composition wants Xayah, Shen, Jarvan IV, Fiora and either Rakan or Caitlin and then adds the other at level 6. From here, you want to rush level 8 to add in 2 more Celestials. Xayah and Jarvan IV are the most important units, if you find these and are struggling for Fiora and Caitlin, consider moving on and replacing them later with Irellia and Thresh.

Kha'zix Carry:

Items: BF Sword > Recurve Bow > Tear of the Goddess Ideal final items: Kha’zix: Infinity Edge + Rapid Fire Cannon + Guardian Angel/any BF sword item or Quicksilver Vel’Koz: Seraph’s Embrace + Quicksilver + Morellonomicon When to roll: Level 4 for hyperroll, level 5 for slowroll Who to 3 star: Kha’zix, Twisted fate and Malphite Kha’zix carry has started to be the second most popular reroll composition, due to its flexibility and ability to use any item. Unlike most reroll compositions, there are a number of ways to round this composition out such as playing 4 Infiltrators, 4 Sorcerers or deciding to level up instead of re-rolling and play for 3 star Vel’koz. Due to this, players can adapt to the lobby a lot more than others depending on the Galaxy or items. This composition also only needs to hit 3 star Kha’zix to succeed, and so if Twisted Fate or Malphite aren’t showing up, it’s not a huge issue. The major downside to this build is the requirement of hitting multiple 2 star 4 cost units in the late game, specifically Vel’koz and Cho’gath.

Ziggs Carry:

Items: Tear of the Goddess, preferably 2. Ideal Final items: Ziggs: Seraph’s Embrace + Seraph’s Embrace + Quicksilver. 2 Seraph’s Embrace is a must Gangplank: Rabadon’s Deathcap + Guardian Angel When to roll: Level 4 for hyperroll, level 5 for slowroll Who to 3 star: Ziggs, Malphite, Yasuo and Sona The composition that had to be hot fixed, Ziggs carry is still a viable reroll strategy in this metagame, especially with a heavy Tear of the Goddess opener. When given 4 tears, Ziggs will infinitely throw bombs and due to high base damage and rebel buff, doesn’t require additional damage items to succeed. Ziggs is a must for this build, while the rest are a luxury. If you can find these units they will give you a larger power spike, but hitting Ziggs and usually Malphite and then rushing level 8 for Gangplank, Jinx and Miss Fortune or Lulu is a strong plan and should help prevent you from falling off. Unlike other reroll compositions, this build does fall off as the game progresses, and a very strong Gangplank is required to finish first place.

Mech Infiltrators

Items: Chain Vest, Spatula, Negatron Cloak, Sparring Gloves Ideal final items: Rumble: Bramble Vest, Quicksilver, Titan’s Resolve Kai’sai: Morellonomicon, Seraph’s Embrace, Demolitionist’s Charge When to roll: Level 6 until you find 3 star Annie and Kai’sai, then level 7 for the rest Who to 3 star: Annie, Rumble, Kai’sai The composition that gets nerfed every patch, Mech Infiltrators is still a powerful option, but requires the right items. With Kha’zix being contested and Shaco receiving many nerfs, neither are important to 3 star anymore but are an option. This composition relies on a strong mech, and without at minimum a chain vest early on, is very hard to play due a need for both Bramble Vest and Quicksilver. Without these items, your mech will be too weak in order to carry. With the right items, this is likely the strongest upside reroll composition but requires spending most of the game at level 6 due to the need to hold 2 and 3 cost units on your bench. When deciding between this and another composition, consider if you have spatula or are on the Treasure Trove Galaxy. This composition is much better if you can make a Demolitionist’s Charge on Kai’sai, and either having a spatula or having a higher chance to get one due to Treasure Trove is important to securing a first place. This composition also requires much more focus on good positioning in order to succeed, so keep that in mind. It is usually better to level to 8 for Lux/Kayle/Gangplank instead of looking for 3 Star Shaco and Fizz.

“Space Jam” - Darius Carry

Items: Needlessly Large Rod, Preferably 2 Ideal final items: Darius: Rabadon’s Death Cap, Quicksilver, Rabadon’s Deathcap/Ionic Spark or Infinity Edge + Jeweled Gauntlet + Quicksilver When to roll: Level 6 until you hit 3 star Darius, Xin Zhao and Rakan(if Rakan is uncontested), then level 7

Who to 3 star: Darius, Xin Zhao, Rakan, Jayce

Many players favorite composition, Space Jam is a reroll composition that relies on power spiking early with a strong Darius with the plan of guaranteeing a top 4 finish. Unlike other re-roll compositions, an early 2 star Darius with either Rabadon's Deathcap or Ionic Spark is required early on in order to not take too much damage while you find your units. This composition can struggle to finish first place but power spikes with much less units then other reroll compositions and has more late game flexibility. Although this build requires spending a lot of time at level 6, once you’ve hit Darius you can just level 8 or 9 and play either 4 Space Pirates or just add in 4 and 5 cost units such as Lulu, Gangplank or Miss Fortune. Keep in mind this composition doesn’t support multiple players, and if someone else in the lobby is playing it you need to pivot.

Concluding Thoughts:

There’s a lot to unpack here, but learning reroll compositions is important to being flexible in the current metagame regardless of your opening items. Of course, there’s many other compositions to play but knowing when to play one of these reroll compositions when giving the opportunity can be the difference between shredding the competition, or your lp falling into the void. Have any thoughts on these compositions, or re-rolling in general? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter.


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