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Swidz, Nalguidan Win Hearthstone Grandmasters Week 3

In a flurry of exciting and well played matches from all of the Grandmasters competitors, Two champions rose above their competition in Hearthstone’s third week of Grandmasters division.

In North America, an

absolutely stacked top four bracket of Purple, Monsanto, and Justsaiyan, couldn’t stop Nalguidan from emerging victorious. Despite a quick loss to Monsanto’s Spell Druid in the first round of the finals, Nalguidan battled back in game two with his Highlander Mage deck - Though Monsanto had an imposing board of lethal attackers, a timely top deck of Puzzle Box was enough to clear the board and stabilize Nalguidan for the nail-biting win. The winning continued into game three, with Nalguidan overwhelming Monsanto with Spell Druid. Monsanto wasn’t going down without a fight, however, taking game four with Highlander Hunter. Game five was a mirror match of Galkarond Shaman, taken down by Nalguidan, despite a close match.

Meanwhile, Swidz arose as the winner in Europe, winning game one in an impressive fashion. Bunnyhoppor was able to steal game two after top decking a Dino Tamer Brann to swing in for lethal, tying up the series one-one. Things were looking grim for Swidz after Bunnyhoppor got off to a fast start with his Highlander Paladin and was able to hit for exact lethal on turn nine in game three, while fighting through multiple board clears from Swidz. However, the Frenchman was able to win two more games in succession with Spell Druid and Highland Hunter in convincing fashion, crowning him the champion of week three. This is his second win in a row, making him an early favorite in Season One.

You can check out the VOD of the finals on the official Blizzard Youtube Channel!

Did you have any favorite moments from week three of Grandmasters? Let us know in the comments below or on the Backlash Twitter!


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