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Silverblade Intrusion and Spire Shadows

The Eternal spoilers keep coming and today we have a two very exciting cards to talk about; Silverblade Intrusion and Spire Shadows.

High influence costs and Valkyries are both shaping up to be themes in this set.

Silverblade Intrusion is a similar card to 1-cost Protect, but it's better against damage-based sweepers and can give a lot of value if you have the right influence.

Valkyrie Denouncer is a 5JS 3/3 with Flying and Revenge. Getting JJJJJ influence doesn't seem too hard in a Valkyrie deck, and an opponent having 4 or more cards in hand seems common except against all but the most aggressive decks.

It's important to keep in mind that the value of this card fluctuates with how popular removal is.

Next up we have a card that makes you evaluate every unit ever printed in a whole new way!

Spire Shadows swaps the attack cost of every unit in your deck. When I first read this card I thought it said attack and health, but nope it's attack and cost. Where I'm excited about this card is in unit-based combo decks. After Shadows, Auralian Merchant costs 0 and Talir costs 6. Elysian Pathfinder and Elysian Trailblazer both cost 3. West Wind Herald costs 2 and Iceberg Scattershot costs 3. Any unit with 1 attack can now be gotten with Crownwatch Press-Gang. Lumen Defender and Robobuddy comes to mind. Old Azindel costs 0 for a 5/5. Eremot's Machinations can now get back upwards of 10 power worth of units. Many cards that see play already get better with Spire Shadows and cards that have never before seen play now have a chance to shine. Make no mistake, this is on the same power level as pre-nerf Endra.


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