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Riot reveals new cards, including a new champion Nautilus and two new mechanics!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As the Legends of Runeterra expansion draws closer, more new cards and mechanics have been announced. Let’s take a look through many spoilers, starting with a new mechanic, Attune.


When a unit with Attune in summoned, refill 1 spell mana.

Quick Impressions:

Attune is a mechanic we saw previously teased in the base set with Eager Apprentice but now joins Runeterra formally. This mechanic helps decks who rely on spell mana in order to protect their units, but also need to develop their board instead of passing to build up mana. Expect to see this mechanic show up heavily with cards such as Fizz or Fiora. Deep: Units with Deep get +3/+3 once your deck has 15 or fewer cards

Quick Impressions: Deep is a mechanic you must build around, as most games normally wouldn't have you going below 15 cards in your deck. Of course, this is designed to be paired with the previously spoiled Toss mechanic. Due to this mechanics awkwardness, don't expect it to show up often except in dedicated decks but in decks that put in the effort, Deep is going to be a player.

Quick Impressions:

When Nautilus hits the board, you really are in the deep end now. Although Nautilus does not have an immediate board impact, having 12 health means he can soak up enough damage in order to get him transformed. Nautilus is a massive payoff to the Toss mechanic, transforming into a massive 13/13 unit. Expect to see Nautilus show up in quite a few decks, including likely creating some built around him.

That’s all for our look at Nautilus, Deep and Attune! The new expansion releases April 30th, what will you be playing on day 1? What do you think of Nautilus, Deep and Attune? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.

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