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Riot Implements Nerfs Targeting Dark Star and Star Guardians

Riot made balance changes this morning in Team Fight Tactics during regularly scheduled maintenance. Though the list of changes is succinct, it includes impactful changes to both the Dark Star and Star-Guardian/Sorcerer compositions.

Check out the list below that came along with some bug fixes: 

  • Dark Star Bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power: 25/35/45 -> 25/30/35

  • Shaco Attack Damage: 50 ->70

  • Shaco Starting/Total Mana: 0/60 -> 30/80

  • Shaco Spell Power: 300/325/350% -> 200/225/250%

  • Syndra Total Mana: 50-65

Quick Impressions: 

Though trying to mitigate the blow a bit by gifting Shaco with a little bit of attack damage, Riot is definitely taking steps to damper the power level of Shaco by quite a bit. Dark star also took a substantial hit as well, though the comp will likely still be playable, if not less contested. Syndra received a small nerf as well, likely targeting her ability to rapidly cast her ultimate ability when she is equipped with mana producing items. 

How do you feel about these changes? Will a new comp rise to tier one? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter


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