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Riot Games announces the Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Mid-set Update

As we approach the mid season of Teamfight Tactics set 3, Galaxies, players have been wondering what changes will be made in order to keep the game fresh. In the past, the mid-set updates we’ve seen add additional champions and traits added to the game, such as Lunar in set 2. Today Riot answered some of the players questions, including revealing their new approach to the mid-set patch. If you’d like to read Riot’s announcement, it can be found here. Ranked: Ranked will now soft reset with the release of patch 10.12, the mid-set patch. Players will enter 1 tier below there finishing rank, with all Masters+ players going to diamond 4. This will allow players who fell behind in the climb, or only started this season another chance at the top of the ladder. Due to the ranked ladder rewarding points for top placements each week, expect to see the very best players playing non stop in order to try to get those points immeditality.

Ranked Rewards: Ever since the start of Teamfight Tactics, players have been asking for their ranked rewards, similar to those earned in League of Legends for finishing a season gold or higher. Finally, players will receive their rewards for both season 1 and 2 and it was announced that in the future players will receive an emote based on your rank. Players who place gold or higher in both parts of this season, will also receive an exclusive Little Legend. Galaxies Pass II: A second pass is available this season, allowing players to get even more bonus cosmetics such as Little Legends, Arenas, Booms and Emotes. There has been a mixed reaction to a second pass in the same set, but for the players who like to financially support Riot and customize their look, this will be a must have item.

Gameplay Updates: Although nothing specific was announced, Riot indicated a couple key changes to the game with this patch, such as: New Traits New Champions Removal of some Champions Removal of some traits Seeing champions and traits removed will be a first in a season, and it feels safe to say players should expect a large shakeup in the gameplay. Of course, this is only speculation but let’s take some guesses on what is to come, and what is to leave. New Traits: Astronaut and Battlecast due to recent skin lines. New Champions: Urgot, Teemo, Nautilus, Bard to support these new traits due to their skin. Removed traits: Mana Reaver, Demolitionist, Brawler Removed Champions: Rumble Champion changes: Cho’gath becomes a Battlecast instead of Brawler, Kassadin becomes Void, the Mech becomes a new champion due to the removal of Rumble. Although these may not be correct, these are some of the initial changes that have come up in my own conversations, alongside what we see from Riot’s skin department. That’s all for our look at the Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Mid-Season announcement. With many more details to come, one thing is for sure, the craziness of Galaxies is nowhere near over. Have any thoughts on the announcements, our predictions or have some of your own? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter.


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