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New Promo: Daraka, Loyal Guardian

Eternal Card Game is already shaking things up again after the balance changes last week. Starting Tuesday may 19th and ending May 25th you have the opportunity to get a copy of a new promo card with your first win of the day.

The promo is Daraka, Loyal Guardian. We've seen Daraka before in the Dead Reckoning campaign and not much has changed with him since then. Both Darakas are 7/7s that stun an enemy unit upon summon. While the old Daraka protected Eilyn with an aegis, The new one keeps everything stunned while it's on the battlefield.

Daraka will be legal in the upcoming ECQ this weekend so if you're planning on getting more time in testing him you can opt to buy the bundle for 500 gems in the store and you can also buy the avatar for 300 gems. After May 25th you can craft Daraka for 600 shiftstone per copy.

First Impressions: Daraka is a cool card with a novel effect. That said, Daraka is not going to be breaking the meta or even be seeing play in tier 1 decks. In Throne the high cost will prevent Daraka from seeing play and in expedition, Daraka seems great at stabilizing against aggressive decks but comes a down a little too late to consistently protect you. Playing Crystallize into Daraka is a nice combo that could be used to offset the high cost, and The best use for Daraka may be in an Elysian deck that tries to ramp into high cost units.

We've seen some powerful promo cards in the recent months such as Eremot and Lastlight Judgement. It's nice to see one that's not pushed for competitive play, but is going to lead to some great stories in the casual crowd.


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