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New Eternal Set Announced: Argent Depths

After some vague statements from Scarlatch on Discord a few weeks ago, Eternal has formally announced the ninth set, Argent Depths and as many have predicted, this set takes place in Vara's nightmare version of Argenport. Argent Depths will have over 200 cards and will release on June 23.

This preview season Eternal is bringing back all of its biggest hits: Community spoilers are back, New cards will be introduced early to the draft pool starting June 16, and all of the last week of the sealed league will now include 2 packs of Argent depths. A preview event will be happening June 19 through June 22 where you get to play new cards and earn new packs.

A pre-order bundle is available that gives you early access to Rolant, who I'll get to in a minute, but this time he is craftable as well. This is a welcome change that makes Eternal more inclusive. This bundle comes with a Rolant avatar, a card back, 32 packs, 4 alternate art copies of Rolant, 1800 gems, a draft ticket, and last but not least, nightmare premium sigils! If you purchase it directly from the DWD online store you also get 2 more draft tickets.

Rolant has been a part of Eternal since the very beginning. He was one of the 5 scions fighting for the Eternal Throne and his actions impacted the world so much, that even in death he cast a shadow over Argenport. Now, he's back as Vara's nightmare, and just like before he's creating valkyries to enforce his authoritarian whim.

Boxer's First Impressions:

Decay is currently a mystery, but given his influence cost I expect it to be fairly powerful. Rolant's stats make him hard to kill without hard removal and if he sits in play for even a few turns he can amass an army of valkyries. After two campaigns in a row, I'm excited to see the meta shakeup that comes from a new full set.


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