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New Eternal Promo: Friends in Low Places

Direwolf Digital has revealed the second promo card for the month of July, and given the current meta, it's fitting that a Rakano card follows the Xenan promo from last week. Your first 4 daily wins from July 13 through July 19 will reward you a copy of Friends in Low Places. Unlike before there's no bundle, so don't fall behind or else you'll have to craft this card!

Friends in Low Places is an incredibly powerful card. I'd normally talk about the influence requirements and hypothesize what decks this could go in, but I don't feel the need to after team TBC put up amazing results with a Rakano deck this past weekend. Giving a unit +4/+4 for 2 is not the best rate, but add on the Plunder ability and you have a solid albeit unexciting card. However, Friends in Low Places does so much more. If you have 6F then you get 4 1/1 Decay units. Rustlings have recently been updated to be Grenadin Elementals so this could enable some Grenadin synergies such as Combustion Cell or Gearcruncher, though it being in Rakano makes me skeptical. If you have 6J you get a 4 or less cost unit from the top four cards of your deck and it gains aegis. This allows you to cheat on power and timing restrictions! It makes combat miserable for your opponent when a Trickshot Ruffian could come out of nowhere.

For Expedition it gets a bit dicier. I'm not optimistic because of the lack of good fixing available, but Rakano is one of the factions that has a Cylix, so it may be possible. And I don't see many better reasons in the game to stretch you influence than Friends in Low Places. This is one of the most powerful cards we have seen in a while.

What do you think of the new promo? Let us know in the comments below or on the Backlash Twitter!!!


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