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New Eternal Promo: Eremot, Mind Splinter

Every month, Direwolf Digital announces a new promo for Eternal and this month’s is Eremot, Mindsplinter. Eremot is a super unique card, as we’ve seen very few cards that transform back and forth between two seperate cards. Let’s take a look!

Eremot, Mindsplinter:

Cost: 4

Influence requirements: 4 Shadow

Card Type: Unit

Attack: 3

Health: 5

Keywords: Flying, Deadly

Unit Type: Nightmare

Ability: When Eremot hits the enemy player, transform it into Eremot’s Clutches attached to that player

Eremot’s Clutches:

Cost: 4

Influence requirements: 4 Shadow

Card Type: Cursed Relic

Text: At the end of the cursed player’s turn, deal 1 damage to them for each card they played this turn and gain that much health. Then transform Eremot’s Clutches into Eremot, Mindsplinter

Quick Impressions

Though requiring a hefty influence requirement, Eremot offers a never before seen play style that rewards protecting Eremot in order to have a strong unit while slowly chipping away at your opponents health. Although Eremot may pushed out by cards that are easier to cast, decks like Mono Shadow may want to try Eremot as an additional 4 cost unit.

What do you think of Eremot? Let us know in the comments below or on the official Backlash twitter.


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