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Meta Monday - New Beginnings

Note: This is not standard content for Backlashnews.com, but due to the events of the last couple of days it is no longer an option to post this piece where it normally would be. Due to this, we’ve decided to post it on this site as this is where future content will go. Hello and welcome to this week’s Meta Monday. This will not be a standard edition of this series, as today will be the final week of this series, and instead this will be an explanation and a look into the future. Announced yesterday, Team Rankstar will no longer be existing in its current capacity. What this means, is that the organization itself will no longer be being run, including things such as Teamrankstar.com which has already been taken down. Some of its existing teams such as the Eternal team, will be sticking together but possibly rebranding.

With this announcement, Meta Monday no longer has a home, and doesn’t fit the idea behind Backlash currently. Although I’ve enjoyed writing this piece over the last year and a half, this means Meta Monday will be coming to an end. Before we dive into what the future holds, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Meta Monday, from the readers, to those who take the time to submit data each week, to Isochron for taking over when needed, To Aphelion for hosting the platform, To Captain Teembro for creating our thumbnails and lastly, to Mantidman for editing and offering his input. So many different people have been involved in shaping Meta Monday, and I realize that this will leave a void in its place. So where are we going? As you’ve already noticed, this is being hosted on Backlashnews.com, a new project run by myself and Tchamber5 with the goal of covering news and eventually strategy content for each major card game, and potentially others. This is where all of my future content will be found, and in the future will include a weekly column from me similar to Meta Monday. Being released in the coming weeks, will be our first strategy section, which will be Eternal. There’s still a lot to be worked out about this, but we intend to fill the void that is left in the Eternal community with Team Rankstar no longer producing content, and some writers such as TheBoxer will be writing on this site moving forward as well. Although this isn’t the Meta Monday any of us were hoping to read today, I’d like to say thanks again to everyone who’s been involved in making this series prosper over the last year. My time on Team Rankstar opened up a lot of opportunities and was the best year in gaming I’ve ever had, but I’m excited to bring this community and others new content moving forward.

From Mantid: What a ride it has been, ups and downs, twist and turns, the meta has shifted from one spectrum to another and the game and community has grown and changed in ways that cannot be imagined. I have been honored, humbled, embarrassed, infuriated, and overjoyed to be a part of the Eternal and TRS communities directly and behind the scenes. While this last change likely marks the final chapter for me in the Eternal community; know that I will, with all of my heart, miss everything about it. If you EVER need me for anything pertaining to Eternal, video or audio, or anything else I will be easily found on discord as MantidMan#4444 or twitter as @mantidman. Do what you can to support each other, the communities that you love, and the games that keep you sane (or insane). Stay passionate and know that I will always be the Huckleberry that each and every one of you need.


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