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A Look At The Two Newest Galaxies In Team Fight Tactics, The Treasure Trove and Star Cluster

Team Fight Tactics patch 10.9 is set to release tomorrow, April 29th. This patch will introduce a number of Trait and Champion changes, and two new galaxies, increasing the possible galaxies to play in to seven. Let’s take a look at these new galaxies and how they will affect gameplay. Treasure Trove Galaxy: Every minion and monster in the game drops a loot orb.

Quick Impressions: This Galaxy is all about inflation, as there will be substantially more gold and items than normal, including more Spatulas and Neeko’s help, allowing players to push for economic thresholds or level more quickly, speeding up the overall game. This means players will be prioritizing winstreaking, and with more items existing, the strongest players will snowball even harder than before. This galaxy rewards aggressive play, strong economic management and proper item usage. One thing to look out for is compositions reliant on a Spatula item, as in almost every game players will find a Spatula and be able to turn these compositions online. Star Cluster Galaxy: All tier 1/2/3 champions on carousels are 2-stars. The second carousel of the game will only contain 2 cost units.

Quick Impressions: Due to the power level of early 2-star units, this galaxy incentives you to pick the strongest champions instead of picking the strongest item. This is a change from most galaxies, but will open more options for players who can decide to prioritize winstreaking, or certain items or make a bit of extra money. Due to getting a 2-star 1 cost unit at the start of the game, you can sell this unit after the first round and have 5 gold, enough to purchase the entire shop. The addition of 2-star units on carousels also makes hitting a 3-star unit easier, this will come up more on the second and third carousel. 3-star units become more obtainable because if you already have a 2 cost, 2-star unit, you can pick up a additional unit of that type on the carousel, and now have 6 of your 9 without re-rolling heavily. That’s all for our look at the two newest galaxies coming to Team Fight Tactics. These Galaxies will certainly shake things up, and give players who understand them a real edge if they use the galaxies to their advantage. What do you think of these galaxies? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.


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