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Legends of Runeterra Spoils Two New Champions From forthcoming Set 2

Riot reveals upcoming champions for both Demacia and Frejlord regions


In a series of tweets, including several videos explaining brand new mechanics to the players, Riot announced on their PlayRuneterra twitter page that two new champions would be joining the fray in Legends of Runeterra: Quinn and Sejuani.

The champions will likely be released with the new set of cards being released in parallel with the full mobile release on April 30th. Riot was forthcoming with details about the new cards as well as the brand new mechanics accompanying them.

Quinn was the first champion spoiled, bringing with her the Scout mechanic, which allows units with Scout to attack for a second time each turn, given that it is only scout units attacking. On top of this powerful new keyword, Quinn summons Valor when she is played, a 2/1 bird with Scout and Challenger. When Quinn levels up, she will summon Valor each time she attacks, with Valor automatically challenging the strongest enemy unit. An accompanying video showcases the new cards in several bombastic, aggressive turns, teasing a lot of raw power from the new spoilers.

The champion Sejuani was also revealed with several supporting cards, all with the Vulnerable mechanic. When Sejuani is played, she Frostbites an enemy unit and gives it Vulnerable, which will be applied to enemy units, allowing any of your own units to challenge it, even if they don’t have the challenger keyword.

The full set will likely be released on April 30th, bringing with over a hundred new cards and a new faction.

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