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Junkyard Heroes Week 3 Promo

DWD surprised us this week by revealing not just one but two promos! Each day July 20 through July 26 your first win of the day earns you a copy of Know When to Hold 'em and a copy of Just Desserts. As has been the case for the last two weeks there's no promo bundle so don't miss out on getting your copies.

Know When to Hold 'em:

A powerful effect with a significant drawback. After turn 2 this becomes a dead draw unless you find a workaround or the game goes extremely long and slowing down the game will likely prove to be the easier route for Hold 'em decks. Essentially every workaround such as transforming, Echo, or Destiny has proven to be unable to play the card. However, Fate cards such as Jotun Hurler and Xo do work as predicted, meaning that, in Throne, Hold 'em cycles at worst.

I do expect Hold 'em to see play in Helio decks. It guarantees a Helio on turn 6 which is right around the time you want to be playing her. When drawn in the mid/late game Hold 'em can be marketed away or Plundered into a Sigil, but I'm expecting most decks to run 2 or less copies of Hold 'em. You only have so many ways to get rid of extra copies in the late game.

Just Desserts:

This card is flexible I'll give it that. However, I believe it's simply too easy to play around and I doubt it will end up being a good choice for removal. You can never hold this up to kill something the turn your opponent plays it unless that card deal damage. Sure this can answer cards like Silverblade Mence or Jekk but few units deal damage the turn they are played. Just Desserts will often need combat to happen for it to kill a unit. And even if combat does happen the unit needs to have more attack than health or a blocker has to be in the mix. It's easy for your opponent to judiciously attack or block to make Just Desserts less effective. You may be able to surprise a few opponents on ladder or in qualifier runs with this but get into the top 64 of an ECQ and you will regret putting Just Desserts into your deck. I expect this card to ultimately be deemed unplayable.

what do you think of these promo cards? will they be a part of the throne meta game? How about Expedition? Let us know in the comments, or on the official Backlash Twitter


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