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Ikoria: Lair of Behomoths First Spoilers Revealed

Ikoria: Lair of behemoths was officially announced this morning in what has been the biggest reveal yet for the new expansion of Magic: The Gathering.

Following a humorous montage of old monster movie clips and satirical pieces, Wizards of the Coast officially announced Magic: The gathering’s newest set, while spoiling several brand new cards and mechanics in the process.

In a surprise twist, Wizards revealed at the beginning of the stream that they would be partnering with famed Japanese movie company Toho. The film studio most known for bringing such monsters as Godzilla, Mothra, and King Godirah to the big screen. When discussing the inspiration behind Ikoria, Product Architect Mark Heggen said, “We wanted to make a giant monster set for a long time...but we wanted to find a home to really dial them up to eleven.”

The partnership will not only be represented through alternate art cards with iconic Japanese monsters, but in the setting as well. Ikoria will be a merging of the worlds of Godzilla and Magic: The Gathering, bringing to players a land reminiscent of Skull Island, riddled with magical crystals causing monsters to mutate.

Mutation will also be a major theme in the set mechanically speaking. Creature cards with the Mutate keyword will have an alternate cost, which when paid, will merge the creature with another already on the battlefield, causing any enters-the-battlefield effects to trigger an additional time.

Companion was also revealed as a new keyword that introduces a design style never before seen in Magic. Companion creatures, like Keruga the Macrosage, will occupy a slot in a player’s sideboard and impose certain deck building restrictions. The Aforementioned card is revealed at the beginning of the game and can be cast from your sideboard at any time. In return for jumping through these hoops, the card provides powerful effect when cast, such as drawing a card for each permanent with converted mana cost three or greater.

Two new planeswalkers were also revealed on stream, including one never before seen character, Lukaa, Coppercoat Outcast. Crowd favorite Vivien will also be returning with some new abilities.

You can check out the full set spoiler on the 10th of Arpil, 2020, and get your digital hands on the cards a week later on the 16th!


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