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Reviewing the Latest HS Spoilers

Hello Everyone! Tchamber5 here, your resident Legend ranked try-hard! Today, I want to go over the latest batch of spoilers from Blizzard, and boy do we have some good ones! Let’s dive in!


This card is really spicy, and I can see it almost instantly slotting into Resurrect Priest or something similar and this card will really shine when you are able to eliminate the variance of the Battlecry effect. This can be accomplished by playing with only powerful Deathrattle minions like Convincing Infiltrator or Khartut Defender. The stat line is pretty mediocre, but I suspect that this card will see a good amount of play, even if just at first.


There has been a “Big Druid” deck floating around for a while, and Druid truly thrives when ramping and slamming big threats onto the table, so this should fit into decks such as these quite nicely. I am less thrilled about this card in the Shaman class, but I’m open to being proven wrong. I can see this card missing the cut if the meta game has fewer aggro decks present, but I believe that this will start seeing play as at least a one-of in most druid decks.

Ras Frostwhisper

This card is probably not that great. Five mana for a Breath of the Infinite at best seems dicey to me, even when it is stapled onto a 3-6 body. I could see this card seeing some play if aggro decks are insane, and you just need that extra sweeper effect, but I don’t expect myself to be whispering frost into any of my decks in the near future, as the card takes too much set up to be a mediocre pay off.

Professor Turalyon

This card is reminiscent of Sunkeeper Tarim, but falls quite short in reality. I really want to like this card, but I just don’t see it in Hearthstone 2020. It is a powerful effect, but for a steep cost. This card almost seems like it is missing a line of text, like divine shield or taunt or something. The ceiling for this card seems to be Pay 8, Kill a thing, get a 3/9, which seems mediocre to me.

Gift of Luminance

This is the kind of car that I love because it get’s my gears turning. It is a powerful effect in a vacuum, but it takes a not insignificant set up. The payoff, however, could be quite nice, especially with something like the aforementioned Convincing Infiltrator or Khartut Defender, as it not only buffs that unit but gives you some extra deathrattle triggers that will swing the board in your favor.

Adorable Infestaion

This card is actually super hard to evaluate. In theory, it does a lot of things for a single mana, but it tapers off pretty hard in the late game, when several 1/1s and a small buff are irrelevant. I can see this being played in a low-to-the-ground aggro hunter that really care about beasts for Kill Command, or perhaps in an aggressive Druid deck that seeks to go wide and buff the squad.

Secret Passage

Well this card has a very high ceiling. The trick to breaking this card is to mitigate the variance that comes with it. One way you could do that is by filling your deck with cheap cards and, plan on casting Secret Passage on turn 8 or 9 to get maximum value. I am not sure what deck this goes into, or if it just creates a brand new archetype. I know that we have seen Rogue decks in the past like Miracle Rogue who look to stall the game and then just go off in one big turn, and this reminds me of that.

Researcher (Unofficial Translation)

This card seems paltry at first glance, but a 1/3 for 1 is actually a solid early unit and the fact that it synergizes so well with the rest of mage’s card pool is icing on the cake. It’s easy to over look these types of minions, but when there is a critical mass of cheap spell-damage effects and efficient spells, that will be the point that a new archetype is formed. I will be keeping an eye on this for sure! Runic Carvings

This card seems great, as both a way to control the board or go wide and prepare for a massive Savage Roar or Bloodlust turn. The downside of Overloading is real, but if you are able to time this card correctly, you can create a big enough swing turn to mitigate the draw back.

Jandice Barov

I suspect that this card will see it’s day in the sun, sooner than we think. It creates a great board presence, and allows you to pick the worst minion of the two to be fragile, which is why this card is so powerful. Three bodies for 5 mana is a great rate, and the draw back is smaller than it seems at first glance. I expect this card to be very, very good.

Key Master Alabaster

I love this card’s name. Oh right, and the effect is great too. This card won’t be great in more aggressive meta games, but if you were to just drop him into the current meta, It would be insanely powerful. Remember that this triggers when the opponent draws for turn too! Basically, this is a well statted neutral card which is a must deal with threat, making this an A+ card for me.

Devout Pupil

I feel as though there will be a critical mass of cards like this in the new expansion, and we will see new decks like Pure Paladin, which uses the cheap effects of Librams, rise to tier one or two. This card slots perfectly into a deck that is consistently buffing it’s team, and even if you were to cast it for 4 mana, I would not feel bad about it. Three or less? Gravy. I suspect this card to be in many Paladin Decks moving forward. I also expect that I will throw my phone across the room when my opponent drops two of these for 0 mana against my Murloc deck.

On Soul Fragments

This is a new mechanic for Warlock and Demon hunter that I am super excited about. Being able to incidentally heal yourself for two, or use fragments to power up your cards is a really exciting choice to have, and I expect this to be a big deal. Let’s talk a bit more about the specific cards though

School Spirits

Control/Hand Lock got a nice upgrade here, as this card has the potential to net you two life and clean up a problematic board. The cost on this is quite nice too, allowing you to play it early so that you aren’t just doming yourself for two when you are already at a low life total.

Shadowlight Scholar

This card is really sweet for pretty much every flavor of Warlock. 3/4 for 4 is a fine rate for trading on board, but it can also either fight for board control immediately by sniping a unit, or just fling three damage at the face. I expect this card to see a lot of play if Soul Fragments become a good enough mechanic. This card just does it all!

Void Drinker

A potential 7/8 for 5 mana is a reasonable rate, but I am wondering if a big pile of stats like this is enough in 2020 Hearthstone. Don’t get me wrong, I still think this will see a reasonable amount of play, maybe even as the top end for an aggressive soul Fragment deck. There are likely better options in the more controlling shells however.

Spirit Jailer

I don’t have a lot to say about this card, except that it will be a 2-of in every deck that wants to abuse Soul Fragment synergies, and maybe even in midrange or control decks, as a way to get incidental life gain and to trade with early enemy units. Overall, a solid card.

Marrow Slicer

Another card enabling Soul Fragments cards, Marrow Slicer seems very solid. It’s reminiscent of Truesilver Champion, in that it gains life and is a 4/2 for 4 mana, but The fact that it also enable your Fragment payoff cards, Slicer seems extremely good, and I would expect it to be a 2-of in every demon hunter deck that cares about Souls.

Soulshard Lapidary

Whoa. Imagin curving Marrow Slicer into Lapidary. That’s 13 damage over two turns, and you are still left with a 5/5 on board. To me this is a major draw to the budding archetype, and fits in perfectly with the Demon Hunter class as a whole. Expect this card to do great things.

Soulsiologist Malicia

Continuing with Fragment synergies, I exclusively though Control with this card at first, but it seems like a decent win condition as well, filling your board with 3/3s to swing in for lethal. The flexibility of this card makes me want to rate it higher than I would have otherwise, since it can catch you up from behind or just threaten to end the game.

Shardshatter Mystic

This card is busted, prove me wrong. The fact that you can, very early, sweep the board and be left with a 3/3 is a huge tempo play. Most of the Fragment cards are already pretty decent on their own, which makes any argument of set up cost a moot point. This will be a really tough hill for aggro decks to climb, and powers up the demon hunter class considerably.

Soul Shear

Speaking of incidentally good cards that enable your Soul synergies, this card is fantastic. 2 mana for a deal three seems to be the going rate nowadays, so the vanilla test has been passed. Throw in a boost to Fragment synergies, and you have yourself an instant staple. Looking back over all the recently spoiled Fragment cards, I suspect that, as an aggro player, I will never want to play against these decks. Incidental life gain? Check. Board Control? Check. Big threats to close the game? Check. The only drawback to the decks that will likely pop up is managing the balance between creating and destroying Fragments, but I suspect that hurdle to be quite low to the ground.

Overall, we saw some really powerful cards today! Which ones were your favorites? Let us knw on the Official Backlash Twitter!


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