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Historic Anthology 3 First Cards Revealed, Historic Ranked Queue Here To Stay

In the most recent announcement on the Weekly M:TG show, Wizards of the coast revealed that Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and Phyrexian Obliterator would be joining the Historic Format in the latest Historic Anthology, which is the third release of it’s kind. Those who played standard in the days of Battle For Zendikar, or who have been playing Modern for any amount of time will remember the power of The Ceaseless Hunger without too much head scratching, and phyrexian obliterator is a mono-black classic not to be forgotten.

On Wednesday morning, Andy Clautice, Steve Sunu, Blake Rasmussen, who revealed the cards on their weekly Magic: the Gathering show, started by revealing Phyrexian Obliterator, stating that Mono-Black was not very prevalent in the Historic Format and that Obliterator

would be a key player in strengthening that archetype.

Ulamog came next, with clautice saying that Ulamog would be intended for dedicated ramp decks and would be a devastating pay off for those willing to build a deck that could get to ten mana. Interestingly enough, Clautice also stated that Ulamog was in the Pioneer format, and that this was one small step closer to adding the format to Magic Arena, signaling that the Pioneer initiative is still on the minds of Wizards employees and hasn’t been forgotten.

Lastly, Clautice announced that Historic Ranked Queue would be permanently available starting with the May update, as opposed to the previous iteration of the ranked queue, which was only sporadically available.

You can check out Historic Anthology Three in a preview event on May 8th around the internet , or when it releases on May 21st.


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