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Gangplank barrels his way into Legends of Runeterra

“Bilgewater - your king has returned” As the newest Legends of Runeterra expansion draws closer, so does the addition of Bilgewater. Announced today was yet another champion, the captain of the ship, Gangplank. Known for his barrels and cannon barrage in League of Legends, Gangplank made sure to bring his trusty Powder Kegs with him to Runeterra.

Quick Impressions: Gangplank is a very unique and powerful champion, since even if he is removed immediately he will leave something behind. Gangplank likely will see play in aggressive Bilgewater decks as a way to close games and transform him faster, while using his Powder Kegs as an extra form of reach. Gangplank also has potential in slow, controlling archetypes. His Powder Kegs can easily be combined with board clearing effects such as Avalanche to get over certain damage thresholds. Expect Gangplank to be sailing onto a board state near you.

That’s all for our quick look into Gangplank, one of the new exciting Champions coming to Legends of Runeterra April 30th! What do you think of Gangplank and his supporting cards? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter

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