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Exclusive Eternal Spoiler: Darkblade Cutpurse

Eternal’s newest set, Argent Depths spoiler season continues to not disappoint, with new mechanics and powerful new cards to spice up both Throne and Expedition, things are shaping up nicely. Although many of these new cards will warrant building new rogue decks, some will help revitalize old favorites and today we get to spoil an exclusive card to help overwhelm the opponent. Originally, this spoiler was supposed to be presented as a guest article from jRockMTG, but due to getting the spoiler later than they hoped, they asked us to write an article to share with everyone. Of course, we couldn’t say no. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Eternal’s newest spoiler, Darkblade Cutpurse.

In the past we’ve seen Fire based aggro decks struggle for high quality 2 cost units, but in this set we’ve gotten both Darkblade Cutpurse and Flameheart Patroller to help fill that hole. Darkblade Cutpurse clearly pushes you to play Stonescar, an archetype that usually can make this card at least a 3/2 on turn 2 and a 4/2 on turn 3. Although it's not easy to cast, Darkblade Cutpurse serves as an alternative to Stonescar’s existing 2 cost units, while also potentially helping push Stonescar in a more mono fire direction. Current Stonescar builds lean heavily both into Fire and Shadow, but with cards such as Darkblade Cutpurse and Jekk, Mercenary Hunter showing up this may warrant cutting back on some shadow cards, similar to Stonescar decks with Tasbu of the past. Unlike other 2 cost units, Darkblade Cutpurse isn’t necessarily one that you don’t want to draw late into the game, as it can easily have 5, 6 or more attack depending how long the game goes on for.

Stonescar aggro isn’t the only potential home for this card, as decks such as Haunted Highway may want to consider it as well. Serving as a solid early game unit, Cutpurse also gives this deck the potential for an even bigger burst of damage from Haunting Scream potentially throwing 6 or 7 charging damage at your opponent is nothing to ignore. I’m sure I’ve missed some places to put this card, but I expect to see it showing up in various Stonescar or Stonescar + another faction decks that are looking for a strong early play that doesn’t massively fall off in the later stages of the game.

We’d like to once again thank jRockMTG for sending us this spoiler, and it’s certainly one worth crafting. Argent Depths is looking to be an awesome set, and with many more cards to be revealed including another one on this site, I can’t wait to get brewing. What do you think of Darkblade Cutpurse? Am I going to be a fool for crafting 4 premiums? Who knows, but we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter.


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