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Eternal Spoilers: Shadow Of The Spire Round Up

Over the last couple days, Direwolf Digital has started revealing more of Eternal’s newest expansion, Shadow of the Spire. This expansion releases May 4th but you’ll be able to pre order this expansion starting April 29th and play with the cards early! Let’s take a dive into the newest batch of exciting new spoilers.

Quick Impressions

  • The Nightmare Gates: This card is deceptively powerful, giving a huge boost to a weapon for the cost of one unit. The obvious way to play this card is to play a 0 cost Stormhalt Knife, use The Nightmare Gate and then clear the board, leaving you with a massive 10/10 weapon. This card has a lot of potential, but will be restricted by it’s heavily influence requirement

  • Rolling Spikeback: One of the best dinosaur’s to come to Eternal, Spikeback offers a respectable body with Aegis, alongside replacing itself immediately. This card may not push Dinosaur’s into playability, but should show up in any future Dinosaur decks.

  • Silverblade Menace: This new Valkyrie is a tough one to evaluate, as it doesn’t come with a constructed worthy body, as a 4 cost 3/3 flyer isn’t good enough. Instead, this card is reliant on it’s summon effect, as a tool to punish spell based decks who fill the void with spells. Due to this, this card likely won’t be showing up to often except for a potential market option against those spell based decks.

  • Worldshaper’s staff: This card is clearly designed to push for the first viable factionless deck in Eternal, granting a massive body and card draw once the wearer dies. The tools for a factionless deck really aren’t there yet, but once they are, this card will do wonders.

  • Jekk, Mercenary Hunter: Jekk looks particularly good in aggressive fire decks, which don't traditionally have many card advantage engines, while often needing to get blockers out of the way without losing tempo. Jekk fills all of these roles, while being seeming powerful in a vacuum. The cost of adding him to your deck will be a little steep considering the triple-influence cost, though decks have popped up over the weekend that fit this bill.

That’s all for our quick look at some of the newest spoilers, coming to you on May 4th! Any cards stand out to you? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter!


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