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Eternal Peasant Tournament Primer

Hello hello! My name is Nathan “noverb” Overbay. While this is my first article on BacklashNews.com you may know me from my streams on twitch.tv/noverb or previous articles on TeamRankstar.com. Today I wanted to talk about the upcoming Charity Tournament hosted by JediEJ. This will be the second of its kind and the first one was a blast, so I’m sure this one will be too.

The format is going to be a modified Peasant format. For those unaware, Peasant is a term from MtG used to describe a format played using only Commons and Uncommons. In this tournament we will be playing with Commons and Uncommons that can be found in the eight main sets of Eternal. This means that all campaigns will be excluded. This is to limit the power level but also lower the barrier for entry for the tournament. In addition to this the Conjuring cycle is banned due to Invoke being unbalanced in this format.

Alright, so what does Peasant mean for deckbuilding? Well there are a few major differences. The most obvious of which is that efficient board clears like Harsh Rule, Shen-Rah Speaks, and Hailstorm don’t exist. This makes control decks have to work a lot harder to keep the board in check. This also opens the door to a lot more interesting Unit strategies that may have been hampered by the oppression. You also will not find the most efficient win conditions in this format. Icaria, Sites, Prodigious Sorcery, and the like are all Rares. No help from them. Again, this makes you look at more unlikely candidates to help you win the game. The last difference I’ll note is the distinct lack of Void interaction. Most things that would hamper Void strategies are gone, so go wild!

So I’ve covered what the format is, and what isn’t in it, so what about what is? Let’s go over some of the most powerful (or just dang coolest) cards and archetypes that you can build your deck around.

Eremot’s Machinations (Featured Deck: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/d/e-zeiy9o4Bg/spg-charity-peasant-fts-sac)

Not only has Machinations run rampant in Throne and Expedition, but it also was a major player in the last Peasant Charity Tournament. It can be played in the usual FTS combination alongside Carver to eek out value in the long game. You can combine it with Justice to return Unseen like Unseen Outcast and Switchblade Deadeye. Even with the nerf it earned in other constructed formats, Eremot’s Machinations stands to be one of the most popular build-arounds of the format.

Edge of Prophecy (Featured deck: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/d/Ae773iSR9ac/it-was-foretold)

My personal favorite card of the format, Edge is comparable to Sword of the Sky King and, in some ways, just better than that! Being fetchable by Bladecrafter and Dragon Forge means you will usually have it right when you need it, even if you only run two. There’s a myriad of options to return the weapon, from Disjunction to Soldrain Smithing, or even some off-faction cards like Smuggler’s Stash and Display of Honor. Backed up by a strong control package, Edge of Prophecy is probably the best finisher in the game.

Aamri’s Choice (and the Combrei Goon Squad) (Featured Deck: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/d/uQKB9iqq0IE/combrei)

I say Aamri’s Choice specifically here because I do think that is the main reason you want to be in Combrei. You have a lot of big, efficient beaters, but Choice giving Overwhelm really puts it over the top and helps you smack through those token decks.

Majestic Skies (Featured Deck: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/d/VLEsfFNnqg0/peasant-elysian-fliers) While Flier decks may have fallen to the wayside in the wake of Blightmoth, that’s not an issue for this tournament. Being able to soar above all the small would-be blockers works just as well as you think it would. Having access to a second anthem effect in Windshaper and multiple ways of finding Skies with Calibrate and Swindler, Elysian can be quite consistent. My biggest note here is that you need to be wary of Display of Creation. A-Spacing into a Display can spell out the end of your race!

Rat Cage (Featured Deck: https://eternalwarcry.com/decks/d/-h3gxEXFT6c/peasant-relics-one-change) I still can’t believe that Batteriez (Ratteriez) didn’t bring this deck to the last tournament. While Rats lost a lot of it’s rare and campaign goodies, Rat Cage still has quite the relic package. Calibrate and Display of Knowledge let you find your silver bullets and combo pieces. Consuming Greed can sacrifice a Waystone Gate or Bottled Storm for an immediate surge of value. I encourage you to give this one a go and try out all the Relics you find interesting!

Bloodnurse/Bear Arms

This is a combo that made waves in the Pauper weekend events. Being able to make endless 1/1 fliers is definitely something. Of note they are in the Display of Ambition faction combination, so there is easily a good value midrange deck to be built around this combo!

Touch of Battle

Touch has less targets in this format than it does in Throne and Expedition, but that doesn’t mean a one-sided-build-your-own Harsh Rule should be discounted. The best target is obviously Torrential Downpour, which is arguably a decent card anyway with all the FTS token decks running around. You could make an aggressive, midrange, or even control deck with Elysian Touch of Battle.

Torch (Fire decks ahoy) Tried and true Fire/X decks will always be playable in this format due to the strong common and uncommon cards that form the backbone of their regular constructed decks. There’s a reason why we tell new players to build Rakano, or build Skycrag. It’s because a lot of the base of those decks is cards like Oni Ronin, Torch, Impatient Pyromage, etc. If you want to hit the opponent with all you got, you won’t be lacking if you start adding Fire cards to your deck.

Honorable Mention: Lumen Shepherd

This is a card I fell in love with early on in testing for the first tournament. Not only does it provide a free token to sacrifice but it also turns on turn one Banners. I think the Banner thing can be really important in a three/four-faction deck because as soon as you add that third faction Insignias are turned off. So being able to have a play each turn without taking turns off to play depleted power is fantastic.

Well, that’s it for this article on some of the great cards and decks you could be playing in the upcoming Peasant Charity Tournament hosted by JediEJ and the folks at Eternal Journey. Even if you don’t want to play one of these decks, at least you know what to look out for when building your deck. Knowing what possible cards could be in the meta is super important! Anyway, if you would like more info on how to register or help support this tournament check out this link (https://www.reddit.com/r/EternalCardGame/comments/gqfydc/eternal_journey_free_charity_tournament/). I look forward to seeing all of you in the tournament, don’t forget to tell your friends!


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