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Eternal Card Game Formally Announces Shadow of the Spire, ECG's Newest Expansion

After spoiling Wrath of Caiphus from Shadows of the Spire yesterday, Direwolf Digital has formally announced the new set. Breaking the pattern of alternating between large sets and Campaigns, Shadows will another Campaign. It contains 23 cards and will be available for purchase on May 4th at the cost of 1,000 gems or 25,000 gold.

We can expect a handful of spoilers during this weekend's ECQ coverage, and more cards will be spoiled in the next week and there will be a preview event running May 1st to May 4th in which you will be able to play with the new cards in pre-made decks.

The cards spoiled today are shown in a gallery below and some of them are very exciting!

Quick Impressions:

  • Edge of Uprising is a large relic weapon that could cost little to play in the right deck.

  • Dizo is a good blocker early and a great value play in the late game.

  • Icaria is back as a nightmare and looks like she has a lot of potential in Keelo decks and mono Shadow decks.

  • Open Contract is an efficient removal spell with a risky drawback that can be used to shut down the ever popular Evenhanded Golem.

  • Vorlunk Corps feels like the unit equivalent of Auric Runehammer with a novel unit type and will surely make longtime players nostalgic.

Like past small sets there will be several tiers of bundles you can purchase. The premium bundle, which costs 2,000 gems, comes with premium versions of every card, a Nightmare Icaria Avatar, and a Nightmare Icaria card back. The legendary bundle, which costs $44.99, comes with everything in the premium bundle, 32 packs of Echoes of Eternity, 1 draft ticket, and a Nightmare Argenport playmat. If you purchase any bundle directly from the Direwolf Digital store then you get a bonus of 1 draft ticket and 500 gems. But wait there's more! You can pre-order the legendary bundle starting April 9th and get early access to 5 cards in addition to 1 draft ticket.


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