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Eternal 2020 Spring Championship - Throne meta breakdown

For the second week in a row, players prepared and brought their best decks to battle for a spot in the Eternal World Championship. This week’s event was the Throne format, which was taken down by Sunyveil on Mono Fire Aggro, sporting some of Eternal’s newest cards, most notably Jekk, Mercenary Hunter. If you’d like to see all the top 64 decklists, they can be found here.

Just like the Expedition Spring Championship, players had to adapt quickly for this event due to the new cards from Shadow of the Spire and the balance patch that went live on Monday which you can read about here. Due to this, many lists in this event were unrefined or not very tested. However, for those who found something powerful they were heavily rewarded. This is one reason why we saw so many well known players making day 2 of the last two events as they are often on teams who make the testing process more productive. Posted below is the top 64 meta breakdown.

Heading into this week, Stonescar Aggro and Hooru Control were the clear decks to beat as they popularized ladder and discord channels. This was due to the hype between Jekk, Mercenary Hunter and Turn to Seed, two cards players seem to believe would define the meta game. This expectation didn’t disappoint, with Stonescar Aggro putting 16 copies into day 2, and Hooru Control putting in 9. Although neither deck won the tournament, both put up a very impressive performance and as players refine lists further, these two decks will be defining parts of Throne.

One deck that had much less hype stood out this week, Feln Midrange/Control. An archetype that has been dismissed for a very long time has begun to shine with buffs to Midnight Gale and the addition of Turn to Seed. Some players opted to bring a shadow heavy variant with Icaria, First Reaper as a top end, but the more popular and successful versions look a lot more like Mgallop’s, with Felrauk and Mother of Skies. This variant seems to be more flexible than others and moving forward will likely be Thrones premier midrange deck for some time as it can adjust its role easily depending on the matchup.

Sunyveil took down the tournament with Mono Fire Aggro, a deck that seems to put up strong tournament finishes when players expect it the least. Aggro was a major player this weekend but it’s hard to determine what the correct way to build it is. Suny decided to play a lot more cheap units making him much more susceptible to cards like Blightmoth and Hailstorm while the Stonescar players had a slower closing speed but had less glaring weaknesses to these cards. One determining factor could be Silverblade Menace, as a card to punish and shore up controlling or combo matchups. This was a card that many players felt they needed to build their deck with in mind, going sp far as to play a Transpose market over Jennev Merchant.

With the second Spring Championship wrapping up, 11 spots at the Eternal World Championship have been decided, and another will be decided this week in the Expedition ECQ. Throne seems pretty diverse currently, and we are still seeing players play their favorites to success such as TheBoxer and MurderOfCrows on Even Vox, showing there is still plenty of room in the meta besides Hooru and Stonescar. Have any thoughts on the tournament or the breakdown? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash twitter.


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