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Edge of Uprising in ECQ: Shadow of the Spire

This is a guest article written by TheRocke. If you'd like to hear more from him, his twitter can be found here. ECQ: Shadow of the Spire took place over the weekend and I was able to make the Top 64 with a brew of Jennev Edge of Uprising, and in fact, I was the only one. Most of the list I got from watching streamer Nrausch, with a few changes of my own. The main gameplan of the deck is to play a lot 1 attack or less units to enable a cheap Edge of Uprising to slay your enemies with. Almost every unit in the deck discounts Edge, and some can even do it multiple times like Kato, Arena Herald or Mother of Skies. Another way you can put all these extra units to use is by sacrificing them to Kindling Carver for more card draw or suiting them up with Sodi's Spellshaper.

4 Blazing Salvo (Set8 #1)

4 Kindling Carver (Set8 #4)

2 Permafrost (Set1 #193)

4 Seek Power (Set1 #408)

4 Kato, Arena Herald (Set8 #7)

4 Mother of Skies (Set1087 #7)

4 Tota Pioneer (Set8 #10)

4 Unfamiliar Interloper (Set8 #202)

4 Auralian Supplier (Set1087 #12)

4 Jekk, Mercenary Hunter (Set1087 #1)

2 Sodi's Spellshaper (Set7 #180)

4 Turn to Seed (Set1087 #8)

2 Siege Breaker (Set5 #26)

4 Edge of Uprising (Set1087 #14)

5 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)

4 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)

1 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)

4 Praxis Banner (Set2 #171)

4 Seat of Fury (Set0 #53)

4 Seat of Impulse (Set0 #54)

3 Seat of Wisdom (Set0 #63)


1 Disjunction (Set3 #63)

1 Edict of Linrei (Set7 #95)

1 Kairos' Choice (Set7 #151)

1 Kaleb's Favor (Set0 #3)

1 Unseal (Set3 #167)

I knew that not playing a Jekk deck would have been a mistake but I wasn’t sure what the best home for him was. I chose this deck because I wanted to be the best Auralian Supplier deck as well. Either a turn two Mother or Kato followed by Supplier is typically good for at least one card and a lot of times two. It's important to note when planning for Edge’s cost that Kato’s Totemites and Giants are multifaction and trigger Mother. You also get to play Turn to Seed which is another very strong card from Shadow of Spire. In my opinion this deck gets to play the highest number of "pushed" cards which is never a bad place to be in a card game. 

The deck doesn't have a ton of flex spots due to needing a high number of units that synergize with Edge. Siege Breaker, Spellshaper, and Permafrost can be moved around depending on what you expect. Siege Breakers were added because of opposing Jekks and some important relics in Expedition. Permafrost and Spellshaper were due to shadow heavy decks and rumors about a chonky Skycrag decks. All of the market cards proved useful in various situations but none of them over-performed except for Edict of Linrei.

Speaking of the market, you could change to a Crack the Earth market which has some good options. I chose the 2 cost market because the deck doesn’t have a lot of time influence, so playing Crack early isn’t very common and doing so would impact the ability to cast other cards. Yes, triggering Ark of Sol would fix influence but fire is very popular right now so the cultist could easily be killed before you get a chance to combo. Both markets are worth exploring more. Crack has the added bonus of triggering Mother of Skies. 

Unfortunately I got knocked out in the top 64 by eventual winner Collecter piloting Chonky Skycrag. I think that match-up is respectable to favorable but anything can happen in single elimination and the Collecter is a fantastic player.

Going forward I would cut the Spellshapers for something else. Unconditional removal is nice but your units are small so they can't get through multiple opposing units and Turn to Seed gives your opponent free chump blockers to deny card draw. Not to mention you usually want to pitch power to Jekk. Siege Breakers were fine but there could be better options such as Rectifier for its synergies or Linrei Stranger being pseudo-removal and generating units. I even have the crazy idea of cutting Blazing Salvo since it can't kill many units as the game goes on without something like Sear. In its place I'd try out High Prophet of Sol, who ramps and counts for Edge's discount.

 I hope you take the deck for a spin, it was a lot of fun to play for me. I finished my run at 18-10 but I actually started 3-7 before going on a hot streak. I want this to serve as a reminder to everyone that even if things are going very poorly as long as you aren't mathematically eliminated you still have a chance. Take a deep breath or break, collect yourself, and take it one game at a time.


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