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Duels Of Runeterra 9 Meta Game Break Down

This weekend, Duels of Runeterra took place, hosting over 500 players between NA and EU servers! It was a really fantastic turnout, and ran very smoothly and effectively thanks to the wonderful mods and Team Liquid. I participated in the event myself and had a good time, so I decided to dive a little bit further into the data that was available from the tournament.

Below, is a visualization of the meta game in the tournament. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look it over though.

  • This graph only encapsulates the top 32 players. I am working on writing a script that will scrape data from every deck link that the players provided during registration, but it’s a bit of work, and I have very little coding experience. If you are interested in helping me with this, send a message to our twitter account here. I still think that it’s a reasonable snapshot of the meta game, at least for the conquest tournament format, which brings me to my next point…

  • This was a conquest tournament. I still think this is a decent representation of what decks are popular and/or powerful. The players that registered for the tournament were definitely registering with this format in mind, so you’ll see some things that, perhaps, aren’t optimal for ladder, but have great match ups against the tier one decks. This being said, I think that what we can derive from the information is how many players brought a certain archetype in their line up. There 32 players, who all brought three decks, meaning that X divided by thirty-two is the percentage of the field that brought a certain deck in their lineup, where X is the number of any given deck.

  • This is also a great way to figure out which decks the top players thought would be good meta decks on the weekend. To derive this information, you can look at the decks that are a larger percentage of the meta game to figure out which decks are tier one. It is then worth thinking about all of the other decks that have a smaller representation, and trying to decipher what common patterns are. For example, there were a lot of decks this weekend that ran Miss Fortune to control the board while remaining aggressive, and Sejuani showed up in a number of unique decks as well, though most of them were more controlling.

Anyway, let's look at the data:

The Numbers

1 Ashe/Quinn Mid

1 Ashe/Sejuani Control

16 Bannermen

11 Burn

8 Corina Control

1 EZ control

1 Fiora Control

2 Fiora/Zed OTK

1 Heimer Control

4 Heimer/Vi

8 Karma Lux

5 Karma/Ezreal

1 Karma/Thresh Control

1 Maokai TF

5 MF/Sejuani


1 Quinn/MF Scouts

9 Sea Monster Variants

1 Swain/Sejuani

1 Swain/TF control?

1 TF/Gangplank Control

1 TF/Nautilus

1 TF/Swain

8 They Who Endure

2 unknown

1 Vi Lux Control

1 Vi/Ezreal Control

1 Vladamir/Swain Burn

1 Zed Elusives

  • With 50% of the players bringing Bannermen in their line up, the deck has truly solidified itself as one of the best, if not the best deck in the game right now. One could argue that people brought it because it’s has a solid match up against the field, and is relatively easy to play, which is a good thing to have in a conquest lineup, though I think the deck is truly powerful.

  • Burn also put up some serious numbers, with roughly a third of top 32 players putting it in their line up. The deck is also very powerful, and kill consistently by turn five or sooner. I think that the deck is deceptively tricky to play, as you need to know exactly how to use all of your resources every match, but if you can overcome this small hurdle, you can do some serious work with it. I think this a great inclusion in any conquest lineup as a deck that can just have the nut draw and attain some amount of free wins when your opponent doesn’t have an answer though I would suspect that in coming weeks, we will see a slightly increased level of hate for the deck (think cards like Health Potion and Warping Wail)

  • Control Variants were also popular among the top 32 (Corina, various Karma decks, and others) with over half of the players bringing one in their lineup. Control is interesting in Runeterra as opposed to other card games like Magic: The Gathering, because the unique mana system in Runeterra supports them so well. I am personally at big fan of control decks, and like that there are so many options for people like me right now. They aren’t without weaknesses though they feel very strong at the moment.

  • Sea Monster decks were also very popular this weekend, with a little less than a third of top 32 players including them in their lineup. I personally don’t see the appeal, but with giant units, elusive threats, and lots of card draw, These decks are certainly powerful, and line up pretty well against the popular removal in the format right now.

  • Scouts had a rough weekend, with only a couple of people bringing various scout decks. I am sort of surprised since the archetype seemed so powerful at the beginning of the format.

  • Sejuani had a pretty good weekend as well, though players have not found the definitively correct place for her. The Miss Fortune Sejuani builds look the most promising to me.

  • Lastly, They who endure had a pretty good weekend, with 25% of players opting to bring the deck in their lineup. The Shadow Isles is a faction with generally very high card quality, and They who endure adds some great inevitability to an aggressive deck.

Thanks for reading everyone! Is there something I can do to make this data better or anything big that I missed? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter!

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