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Duels Of Runeterra #8 Tournament Report and Meta Breakdown

With the newest Legends of Runeterra expansion being released, players were put to the test this weekend with the first Duels of Runeterra tournament. This tournament took place only a couple days after the expansion was released, meaning many decklists were unrefined, but it allows us to take a meta snapshot. Before diving into the results, it is worth noting players were restricted to 1 copy of VI in this tournament, due to a bug. Although many of these lists have changed since the event, let’s take a look at the top 8 breakdown, combining both the

NA and EU results. If you'd like to see the top 8 decklists, they can be found here.

There was a clear winner this week: Bannerman Midrange. This deck made up 21% of the field, not including the non-traditional variants such as Lucian Garen over the usual Fiora Garen combination. This deck offers a strong mix of early aggression, and late game power in order to get on board early but not feel cripplied if you get behind. This deck heavily rewards identifying your role in a given game or matchup, including deciding when to play around Fiora as your win condition rather than using her to get good trades on board. Expect this deck to be a top deck moving forward, but likely not as popular as other decks get refined. Bannerman was a deck that needed very few changes this weekend, meaning many players likely played it out of comfort as well.

A few other decks put up fantastic results this weekend, including Ezreal/Karma Control. This archetype was popular before the expansion, and still remains a powerful one. Some variants of this deck have removed Karma and replaced her with Vi, but due to Vi being bugged, we are unable to see if Ezreal/Vi would be more popular than this combination. Regardless, this deck performed well even if neither the NA, or EU winner brought this deck. Control decks typically require the metagame to be more refined in order to thrive, due to having to choose reactive cards wisely. Players felt comfortable enough to bring this deck this week, showing how powerful it is, and as the meta becomes more refined and the targets become more clear, this deck is only to get stronger.

One last deck to take a look at this week is Draven Burn. Although a few different Burn variants did well this week, the Draven one was the most popular. This deck gained a number of upgrades with the expansion such as Used Cask Salesman and Noxian Fervor, allowing it to be more efficient and close games quicker once it relies on the burn gameplan. Due to its increased efficiency, many players have moved away from other champions such as Darius in this deck as they feel they don’t need additional closing power. Many other burn lists did well this weekend, and if at any point this meta begins to slow down, expect this deck to pick up in popularity. That’s all for our look at the Duals of Runeterra #8 tournament, and the first with the Rising Tide’s expansion. This expansion has been shaping up nicely, and the metagame seems diverse so far. Have any thoughts on how things are shaking out, or the results of these tournaments? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter.

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