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HS Subreddit Bans Custom Cards Mocking Demon Hunter Class

In a comical Show of frustration, Players in the r/Hearthstone community have been spamming the front page of the subreddit with custom cards. While custom cards have become commonplace in the popular message board for Blizzard’s card game, this new wave of meming has prompted a ban from the subreddit moderators. The reason? They are all cards mocking the Demon Hunter class. and they were filling up the front page.

Moderator u/Powerchicken posted a rules update for custom cards and memes in response to this wave of fan made content. 

The demon hunter class has had a rough time in its first few days, facing two balance patches targeting the class in rapid succession, and for good reason, after the class boasted a 55% win rate out of the gate on average.

If you want to see these hilarious renditions of Hearthstone cards, go check out the subreddit, or take a look at some our favorites below. We highly recommend checking out the comments section too, if you are interested in a having good laugh.


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