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NotoriousGHP Reviews Coslo, Friendly Scavenger, Eternal's Newest Promo

Every month Direwolf Digital announces a new promo card that can be earned by winning one game per day for four days. Sometimes these promos shakeup the meta, like Garden of Omens, while others serve as build around cards. Regardless of strength, they always give players something new to look forward to each month. On Monday, Direwolf Digital not only announced the regularly scheduled July promo, but also announced that we would receive a new promo every monday this month, meaning 3 more await us. You can read Direwolf’s announcement here. Of course, that only matters for future weeks, so let’s take a look at this week's promo, Coslo, Friendly Scavenger.

We heard you were sick of Xenan Ambush, so we gave you another Xenan card with Ambush. Coslo offers a unique effect for Xenan, not only lining up perfectly against token based decks who want to be attacking with 1 or 2 attack units, but also serving as a repeatable way to discard cards from your deck. Between multiple desirable abilities, and of course having Ambush, a hard to play around keyword this promo is not to be slept on. Of course with any new card, regardless of power level a home needs to exist for it, so where could we see this card popping up?

The obvious home is certain builds of Xenan Ambush, likely as a market option for matchups like Stonescar Aggro. The main issue with this is how crowded the 4-drop slot is in Xenan, as it’s very difficult to compete with cards like Gentle Grazor, Ubsat and Saber Tooth-Priderleader. most Xenan lists already have to cut at least 1 of these in order to not play too many 4 drops. The other home for this card is some sort of Xenan Reanimator or a Xenan deck with cards like Katra who want cards put in the void. Since this card can repeatedly put cards in the void, it can help enable these decks without having to play weaker cards like Malaise purely to mill yourself. This isn’t the most flashy card in the world, but Coslo is a card I’ll be trying out in a few different decks in the coming weeks. Will this push Xenan Ambush even further up the totem pole, or will the prevalence of already existing 4 cost time units push this card out of the meta completely? Let me know your thoughts on this card in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter!


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