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Argent Depths Spoiler Review: Bubble Shield

Before we jump in, I want to thank my teammate MurderOfCrowss for sharing this spoiler with me ahead of the reveal on Noverb's stream. He's a fantastic streamer, check him out on Twitch. With that out of the way let's jump into things.

Bubble shield is a 1JJ Fast Spell that gives one of your units aegis, and if you have PP influence it gives you an aegis as well.

Holy smokes this has the potential to do a lot for 1 power! This is basically pre-nerf Protect, and Protect was a very powerful card that got nerfed because it was too efficient. I'm honestly shocked to see a card this close to Protect but some time has passed since the nerf. There are a few caveats to Shield like being unable to pop enemy aegis on their unit or their face.

However, this looks to be a great option for aggressive or tempo-based Justice decks. When I talked about it with Murder he said it looked powerful and that Alessi and Hooru Blitz are the places he thinks Shield will fit best and also thinks that this will go well with Trickshot Ruffian. These two cards are a big incentive to play Justice.

I'm no aggro expert, so I asked NotoriousGHP his opinion on Bubble Shield, and he concurred with Murder about Shield's power level. Aggro without charge units has had a rough time recently but Shield should help fix that. This will dramatically change how aggro exists in the metagame.

Heavy influence requirements are turning out to be an important theme for Argent Depths. Never before have we seen such steep costs. No longer will just specifiying the factions of a deck in an unordered list be sufficient to gain a surface-level understanding what's going on. Is your Hooru deck heavy Justice or heavy Primal? New power bases will be explored. Come gather 'round players wherever you roam and admit that the influence around you has grown.


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