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An Overview of the Trade Sector and Superdense Galaxies

With the introduction of Team Fight Tactics patch 10.8, two new Galaxies were added to the queue, the Trade Sector and the Superdense Galaxy. Let’s take a look at what each of these are, from the patch notes which you can read here

Trade Sector: Player’s receive one free reroll each round. These cannot be stored

Superdense Galaxy: Upon reaching level 5, players receive a free Force of Nature Note: There is now a 50% chance of a game having a special Galaxy, with Trade Sector and Superdense Galaxy having a slightly higher chance to appear. How does the Trade Sector affect the game? Trade Sector encourages two specific playstyles: reroll comps that would normally try to roll for 3-star champions (which is now much easier) and play a strong board. Reroll strategies include comps like Protectors, who want to 3-star Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao and Rakan, Mech Infiltrators, who want to 3-star all champions except for Kha’zix and Fizz, and Star Guardian’s, who try to 3-star Neeko, Syndra and Ahri. These comps rely on finding these 3-star champions in order to keep up with other comps, who will aim to out level them for stronger champions. One issue these comps can have early on is taking too much damage while setting up, but with a free reroll every turn it is easier for them to find a sizable board early on in order to stabilize. Speaking of strong boards, the other play style in this galaxy is to find strong 2-star champions early on in order to win streak and play an expensive endgame composition that can use the extra rerolls to find 4 and 5 cost units more easily. Cybernetics are the default for this, as they are usually the easiest thing to winstreak with. With the ability to 2-star champions such as Vi or Lucian early on, whoever can hit these units usually can guarantee themselves a top 4. How does the Superdense Galaxy affect the game? The Superdense Galaxy heavily encourages strong boards, even to the extent of sacrificing your econ. Many players believe that you should level at stage 2-5, costing you 8 gold as you will basically level twice, since you will receive your Force of Nature. This galaxy heavily punishes low rolling or not leveling early, since players having 2 more champions than you will inevitably force you into a precarious life total. Compositions such as Protectors are more awkward on this map, as players get stronger faster and you use the Force of Nature worse than others, meaning you get a much smaller power spike. That’s all for our look at the two newest galaxies coming to Team Fight Tactics, and oh boy do they shake things up. What do you think of these galaxies? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter


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