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A Review of 7 New Hearthstone Spoilers from Scholomance

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hey Everyone, Tchamber5 here with another batch of Scholomance spoilers in hearthstone! Put on your sunscreen, because these are surely going to be some hot takes. Or maybe just some takes.

Headmaster Kel'thuzad

This effect is really cool, but it seems like a big ask. One of two things has to happen for this effect to be great: One, you play Kel’thuzad on curve, and he survives a turn. Two, you play him and the spell on the same turn to get immediate value. Overall, I think that too much has to go right for this to see widespread play in a vacuum, but perhaps it can find a home in some sort of Control Priest or Warlock. My goodness, I really want to see somebody play Kel’thuzad and brawl on the same turn, imagine the potential salt.


I think this card has potential to be a two-of in every mage deck, especially if decks like Murloc Paladin stay popular. The ceiling for this card is pretty high for three mana, and considering that the floor is a three-cost, deal four damage, It’s not a hard sell. The potential downside for this card is the already crowded three drop slot in mage decks, giving deck builders a hard choice as to what they might cut for this card.


The first split-class card today, Steeldancer looks quite promising to me. She has a solid stat line as a 4/4 for 4, and it’s quite easy to get insane value out of her just by playing hearthstone. I imagine games in which you play a fiery war axe on three and Dancer on four, giving you seven mana worth of units on turn four. The RNG element obviously makes things slightly more dubious, but I think this card will be a warrior staple moving forward.

Infiltrator Lilian

This one is interesting, but ultimately, seems weak. You are summoning a panther on the front side, and an RNG effect on the back side, which makes me think that this will be too weak and inconsistent all around. I am of course open to being proven wrong, but I am going with my gut here and predict that this card will see close to zero play. I suppose that she could also see play in a more aggressive Rogue build, but even there, she seems quite expensive.

Cycle of Hatred

Let me first say that this is a card that I really, really, like. It’s a great way to stabilize and win the game against aggressive decks, and I will at some point shed a tear when this card kills all of my Murlocs. That being said, I think that seven mana is pretty steep for this card, and the playability of it will truly depend on the meta. To sum it up: High ceiling, very low floor.

Brittlebone destroyer

This card looks very good to me. Both classes that have access to this card will be able to play this card as early as turn 5, but this will likely be a turn six play. Whats the floor on this card? You kill a minion, draw a card, and get a 3/3. Yea, that seems ok. I suspect this card to be present in almost every deck that can play it unless the deck is really low to the ground, like Zoolock.

Boneweb Egg

I love cards like this. It brings me back to my early days in Hearthstone when I played Deathrattle Hunter, or later, when I played Discard Zoolock. This seems tailor-made for Zoolock though, as having a good sacrifice target and discard fodder are two things that the archetype really appreciates. I suspect this will be at least a singleton in most aggressive Warlock lists.

What do you think of the latest spoilers? Are any of them going to create new archetypes or break any decks wide open? Let us know in the comments or on the official Backlash Twitter


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